Elena Poniatowska’s next novel will be inspired by her mother

Elena Poniatowskas next novel will be inspired by her mother

Only 36 years ago, in the first edition of the Guadalajara International Book Fairwriter and journalist Elena Poniatowska shared, laughed and chatted with characters from literature such as Carlos Fuentes either Gabriel Garcia Marquezcoincided in the corridors of this literary meeting of the Expo Guadalajara with authors like Fernando del Paso or the Nobel prize … Read more

María Elena Bottazzi: “I was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for Corbevax”

Maria Elena Bottazzi I was nominated for the Nobel

Exclusive Content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers subscribe know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canSign in with your username and password. Of Honduran nationality, the microbiologist scientist Maria Elena Bottazzi developed with his work team the vaccine against … Read more

Laguna feathers recognize the legacy of Elena Poniatowska after her tribute

Elena Poniatowska (Paris, 1932), appeared on the stage of the Palace of Fine Arts last Thursday, May 19. The venue was an agglomeration of deafening applause. The writer celebrated her 90th birthday and the country paid tribute to her. Her white dress matched her hair and smile, which was incessantly written on her face. Her … Read more

Creator of children’s dreams: Maria Elena Walsh, the singer-songwriter who did not forget her social commitment

Creator of childrens dreams Maria Elena Walsh the singer songwriter who

Year 1937. Place: a primary school in Ramos Mejía. A little girl born on February 1, 1930, to an English father and a Spanish mother, was in the first grade. She was 7 years old. When the bell rang indicating recess, the girls organized classic children’s games. Invited our protagonist, who was the best student, … Read more

Honduran scientist María Elena Bottazzi is confident that her vaccine will reach Central America

Honduran scientist Maria Elena Bottazzi is confident that her vaccine

By Susan Fernandez and Israel Pantaleon Honduran scientist María Elena Bottazzi announced that there is a great possibility that the Corbevax vaccine, so far the only one without a patent, could reach Central America and the rest of the Latin American region. For the microbiologist, born in Italy, the possibility of this vaccine being marketed … Read more

US Congresswoman nominates Dr. María Elena Bottazzi for Nobel Peace Prize

US Congresswoman nominates Dr Maria Elena Bottazzi for Nobel Peace

US Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher, in a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, nominated doctors Peter Hotez and Maria Elena Bottazzi, of Honduran origin, for the prestigious 2022 Nobel Peace Prize. Both are deans of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and co-directors of the Vaccine Development Center at Texas Children’s … Read more

Elena Poniatowska: “I am not dedicated to thinking about myself because my subject is not me”

Elena Poniatowska I am not dedicated to thinking about myself

The writer, journalist and French activist of Mexican nationality Elena Poniatowska (Photo: EFE) A few months after turning 90, the Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska maintains the obsession of good interviewers, who keep quiet and let others speak, waiting to catch a good story like that of her new novel, the second part of “The Polish … Read more