Côtes-d’Armor: Aurélie, from SAS Bernard, Oscar for “Young Entrepreneurs”

Cotes dArmor Aurelie from SAS Bernard Oscar for Young Entrepreneurs

By Yann Scavarda Published on 22 Nov 22 at 13:46 The Independent Courier See my news Follow this media Aurélie Blandel has been managing the Bernard Group (175 employees) since 2019. ©Le Courrier Indépendant The Oscars of Côtes-d’Armor companies reward the “virtuous actions” of local businesses. On the 2022 list, the 10e since the creation … Read more

The obsession with never getting old: Tech entrepreneurs invest millions in science that seeks to reverse the passage of time

The obsession with never getting old Tech entrepreneurs invest millions

Millions of dollars are being spent in this market, and there are tech heavyweights getting into the business. Creams to delay or reverse the appearance of wrinkles on the face, inks to hide gray hair and formulas with promises of almost miraculous results to eradicate the imperfections that any human being faces in the face … Read more

Deliveries blocked, prices increased tenfold: small entrepreneurs facing unprecedented setbacks

1637083102 Deliveries blocked prices increased tenfold small entrepreneurs facing unprecedented setbacks

Containers at the port of Los Angeles, October 13, 2021 in California / AFP To find something to manufacture and deliver his bikes, Wayne Sosin of Worksman Cycles claims to have tried everything since the start of the pandemic. He has been looking for a container to send cargo to Saudi Arabia for six weeks. … Read more