The SAG Awards ceremony migrates to Netflix: towards a new era?

The SAG Awards ceremony migrates to Netflix towards a new

SAG will first livestream its 2023 awards show on Netflix’s Youtube channel on February 26 as a preliminary transition to the streaming giant. Abaca The powerful Hollywood Actors Union no longer had a television broadcaster. This year, The Banshees of Inisherin leads the nominations. Are streaming platforms the future eldorado of these endless award shows … Read more

The greatest French actresses of the 80s: a whole era

The greatest French actresses of the 80s a whole era

Certain actresses throughout the history of French cinema have become symbols of their times. This is the case of the French actresses of the 80s who became legends in their time. They have been considered film goddesses thanks to their immense talent, enthusiasm and breathtaking beauty. Get to know some French actresses who marked the … Read more

Should we worry about the new outbreak of Henipavirus Langya? Have we entered the era of pandemics?

Why the Famine Bill is a Good Deal Joseph

A recent post on New England Journal of Medicineprobably the most prestigious medical journal in the world, warns of the danger of new zoonotic virus which has just jumped from wild animals to humans in eastern China, where it has already achieved infect at least 35 people. It’s about a Henipavirus called Langya (LayV). An … Read more

The Anthropocene, a geological era created by human action?

The power of the human being to create, but also to destroy, is undeniable. Our actions affect the climate and biodiversity. In the year 2000, Paul J. Crutzen, Dutch Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, participated in a scientific meeting in which he disagreed with what was being said about the current environmental situation. He then he … Read more

Daddy Yankee’s farewell and Paulo Londra’s return: before and after in urban music. The end of a reggaeton era? | “Legenddaddy” and “Lado A”, their new releases

Daddy Yankees farewell and Paulo Londras return before and after

By Erik Gomez This week, reggaeton, the most successful Latin urban genre in recent years, was the protagonist of two news stories that revolutionized fans, specialists and exploded on social networks. First of the “king” and “big boss” Daddy Yankee surprised with the news of a new album that will be released on Thursday, March … Read more

Downton Abbey 2 – A New Era: Where are the original cast before release? – Home Media

1648043883 Downton Abbey 2 A New Era Where are the

The Crawley family estate saga is mostly filmed at the impressive Highclere Castle in north Hampshire, a site open to the public and one of the county’s most popular tourist destinations, according to TripAdvisor. Following the success of the original six-season soap opera between 2010 and 2015, the series was brought to life further when … Read more

The Lee Era: How Alexander McQueen Revolutionized Fashion

1647535331 The Lee Era How Alexander McQueen Revolutionized Fashion

Long live Alexander McQueen. known as the terrible child of fashion, the talented designer Alexander McQueen would turn 53 this March 17, and we remember the most iconic moments of his career, which keep his legacy alive, even years after his departure. On the runway: the bag trends that dominated the F/W 22 catwalks Photograph … Read more

Anthropocene: a geological era tailored to the whim of humans?

Anthropocene a geological era tailored to the whim of humans

Homo sapiens is a geocentric, anthropocentric, ethnocentric and egocentric species So far an earthling Homo sapiens I believed I lived in the Holocene, a geological epoch that was much discussed but accepted internationally. Today, are we still Holocene human producers –those who emerged, some 10,000 years ago, from the climatic changes of a chronology that … Read more