100% Tom Cruise (Arte) evening: from his first screen tests to Top Gun: Maverick

The Franco-German channel is offering an evening 100% dedicated to the hero of Top Gun: Maverick with a movie, The color of money by Martin Scorsese and the rerun of a documentary. Already broadcast in November 2020, the documentary Tom Cruise: Body and Soul (2019), signed Régis Brochier, retraces, of course, the career of the … Read more

In one evening, Lady Gaga wins everything at the Grammies and breaks a record at the Bafta

In Los Angeles and London, Lady Gaga and “Shallow” picked up three awards in one night. And she also became the first female artist to win the Bafta for best original music. lady gaga – shallow (grammys 2019). pic.twitter.com/clFXsGF0um — ☽ (@gagasyuyi) February 11, 2019 The singer no longer knows where to turn. That same … Read more

PHOTOS – Oscars 2022: Kristen Stewart, Penelope Cruz… the crowned side-hair hairstyle star of the evening! – Gala

Hot shot at the 94th Academy Awards 2022! From Penelope Cruz to Zendaya, the stars thrilled us with their sublime outfits as well as their makeup and hairstyles. Plated, “wet” or even wavy… the hairstyles adopted by the stars have once again dazzled the Hollywood red carpet this edition. Rita Ora, Penelope Cruz or even … Read more

Oscars ceremony: Beyoncé and Billie Eilish will perform on stage on Sunday evening

Beyoncé and Billie Eilish will perform on Sunday March 27, 2022 at the Oscars ceremony but Van Morrison, notoriously opposed to the obligation to vaccinate against the coronavirus, will not be at the party where he was nevertheless invited, announced Tuesday March 23 organizers. The three artists are in the running in the category of … Read more

César 2022: the ceremony this Friday evening, “Lost Illusions”, “Annette” and “Aline” leave favorites

After a year 2021 again marked by the health crisis, and two editions tarnished by scandals and flops, the Académie des César – which awards its statuettes this Friday, February 25 – has no room for error. She entrusted the keys to an old veteran of the exercise of master of ceremonies, Antoine de Caunes, … Read more

Cinema: the Caesars awarded Friday evening, “Lost Illusions” favorite

Published on : 02/25/2022 – 07:48Modified : 02/25/2022 – 07:46 Paris (AFP) – Who to succeed “Adieu les Cons”, the big winner of the Césars last year? French cinema awards its most popular statuettes on Friday evening, with a favorite, the film “Illusions Perdues”, adapted from Balzac. After a year 2021 again marked by the … Read more

Anime Award: Demon Slayer big winner of the evening, but he is not the best anime of 2021

news culture Anime Award: Demon Slayer big winner of the evening, but he is not the best anime of 2021 Published on 02/10/2022 at 18:01 Like the Oscars or the Game Awards, Crunchyroll also organized an awards ceremony dedicated to rewarding the animation series of 2021 across several categories. Voting took place for a week … Read more

Harassment on the Internet: the film “Arthur Rambo” broadcast this Tuesday evening in preview in Amiens

In France, the e-Enfance association estimates that one in five young people, from CE2 to terminale, has been confronted at least once in their life with cyberbullying, bullying on the Internet. This Tuesday, at the Maison de la Culture in Amiens, a day is devoted to this theme; and in the evening, a preview screening … Read more

Venance Konan tackles Tidjane Thiam: “What has his professional career brought to Côte d’Ivoire?” – AFRIK EVENING

A few days ago, I exchanged New Year’s greetings with a Senegalese friend living in Dakar. And in the process, he gave me the news of his children. The eldest works in Paris for a large company operating in the energy sector, her son who is almost two meters tall and is quite good at … Read more

A documentary on the eternal war in Afghanistan | evening newspaper

Ghosts of Afghanistan, the new documentary directed by Julian Sher revealing the true face of Eternal War, will be broadcast on ICI Télé on December 11 at 1 p.m. In the film, former Canadian war correspondent Graeme Smith examines how the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan derailed into the current drama. Returned to Afghanistan shortly before … Read more