Anitta, excited about her nomination at the MTV VMAs | Interview

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

alexander quince Mexico City / 08.23.2022 01:42:44 This Sunday the annual edition of the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), a ceremony that aims to highlight the best music videos of the year. The singer and songwriter Anitta will make history in this edition as it will become the first Brazilian to be nominated for a … Read more

End to the MIR residency of a number 1: “I’m excited about what’s to come”

Jorge Martínez Soto, number 1 of the MIR 2017. Although he already has some ‘scars’ from the experience of working in a hospital, Jorge Martinez Soto is still recognized in that young man who in 2017 achieved the feat of being number 1 in the MIR selection process. “I still haven’t finished believing it,” says … Read more

Rosalía is ‘very’ excited’ for her world tour

Rosalia is very excited for her world tour

NEW YORK – She spent three years working on “Motomami”, her acclaimed third studio album, and now Rosalía is ready to take the stage on a world tour that has her “very ‘excited’ (excited)”. The Spanish sensation, winner of eight Latin Grammys and one Grammy, announced on Monday his “Motomami World Tour”, a tour of … Read more

Joyful and excited atmosphere at the Oscars lunch, the most informal stage of the awards season

Joyful and excited atmosphere at the Oscars lunch the most

The future winners of the March 27 ceremony were asked to be funny and concise in their speeches. Young shoots and stars have lent themselves to the game of selfies or have become simple fans again. A gala where all the guests are winners. On Monday, the superstars of Hollywood and the world’s seventh art … Read more

Daniela Darcourt announces quite excited that she will apply for the Latin Grammy

Daniela Darcourt announces quite excited that she will apply for

Daniela Darcourt will seek to win her first Latin Grammy. (Photo: Instagram) She is fully motivated. Daniela Darcourt is 100% focused on her career and even has in mind to win a Latin Grammy this 2022. During an interview with America Todaythe sauce boat revealed that she will soon release her new album with unreleased … Read more