Jessica Chastain explains why she dropped out of high school

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

Jessica Chastain didn’t have an easy life growing up, but she says that without this turbulent family life, she would never have discovered her deep love for acting. While discussing her new role as Tammy Wynette in the upcoming six-part biopic, George & Tammy nearby Guardian, the actress opened up about her own struggles as … Read more

Charlize Theron Explains Why She Followed Oscar Win With Arrested Development – Nifey

The battle for the metaverse gaming brands and crypto communities

In 2003, Charlize Theron starred in a role that would later become one of her most acclaimed performances: she played real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Freak, and the actor ditched vanity in order to change his appearance for the role. His work earned Theron his first-ever Oscar statue, and fans and critics alike were … Read more

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter explains how college got so expensive – Reuters

Pulitzer Prize winning reporter explains how college got so

Zoom in iconArrows pointing out The average cost to attend a private college in 1970 was about $3,000 per year. Today, it costs over $50,000. How we got to this point, and its seemingly endless consequences for families and American society, are the questions explored in Will Bunch. new book“After the Fall of the Ivory … Read more

5 years after #MeToo, Ita O’Brien explains why the job of intimacy coordinator is essential in cinema

5 years after MeToo Ita OBrien explains why the job

Normal People (2020)Hulu/BBC The first time thatIta O’Brien works as an intimacy coordinator, it is in 2018 for Sex Education. The result is brilliant as the series is a tremendous success. The mechanism is then launched to Itawhich surrounds more and more takes for productions netflix, HBOof the BBC or even of Warner Bros.. historical … Read more

Parasite: Bong Joon-ho explains the final sequence of his masterpiece – CinéSéries

Parasite Bong Joon ho explains the final sequence of his masterpiece

It’s hard to miss “Parasite”, released in 2019. Below, discover the director’s explanations about the – relatively tragic – end of his sublime feature film. Parasite or the class struggle Parasite revolves around the encounter between two families that everything opposes, starting with their social condition. On the one hand, the wealthy Park lead a … Read more

Flynt, the platform revenue optimization solution, raises €2.2 million. Thibault Desplats explains himself

Flynt the platform revenue optimization solution raises E22 million Thibault

Faced with the proliferation of virtual restaurants on the platforms, it is becoming strategic to appear prominently on Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat. The French startup Flynt, created in September 2021, is the first in the world to have launched a platform that not only boosts visibility through effective promotional action strategies but also … Read more

Encanto: Lin-Manuel Miranda explains why Bruno’s song was not chosen for the Oscars

Encanto Lin Manuel Miranda explains why Brunos song was not chosen

The director returns to the choice of “Dos Oruguitas” to represent Encanto at the Oscars ceremony. Taking place on March 27 in Hollywood, the 94th edition of Oscars revealed his selection on February 8. With three nominations, Encanto is in the running for Best Animated Film, Best Original Soundtrack and Best Original Song. And in … Read more

“Kindchenschema”: what is the phenomenon that explains infantile traits in dogs about

Kindchenschema what is the phenomenon that explains infantile traits in

Dog puppies take advantage of the effect of their kindchenschema, with humans, by being adopted, chosen and protected at the age when they are weaned and separated from their parents Tenderness is, many times, a response to the infantile characteristics that an animal presents. In 1943, Konrad Lorenz, later a Nobel laureate in medicine, proposed … Read more

Sex and The City Creator Explains Death Of [SPOILER], Omar Sy nominated for the Golden Globes and the return of Un, Dos, Tres … The news series!

Sex and The City Creator Explains Death Of SPOILER Omar

Un, Dos, Tres, the cult series of the 2000s, will make a comeback on our screens! Broadcast in France from 2004, the series Un, Dos, Tres has established itself as one of the most legendary programs of the decade. For those who have forgotten it, it is the story of twenty young people who enter … Read more

Grammy winner explains why Adele is right to ask that ’30’ songs not be played randomly

Grammy winner explains why Adele is right to ask that

Since the albums existThese have offered listeners wonder, hope, truth and reality about the state of the human condition. This is accomplished through a group effort. Artists, producers, composers, engineers, art designers and writers of the notes included in the album carefully select and present a structured soundtrack, with tracks sequenced in such a way … Read more