SERIES. Toulouse people of the year: Agnès Jaoui loves cinema “because it is able to change people’s eyes”

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

the essential A year after replacing Robert Guédiguian as president of the Cinémathèque, Agnès Jaoui has already given her guidelines: to allow female directors to have better visibility and open the place to all audiences. But this is only the beginning because Toulouse inspires her… Meeting with an enthusiastic and committed president. The adventure has … Read more

Half a century of García Márquez’s blue dog eyes

Movie theater Oscars 2022 a selection focused on initiatory stories

Gabriel García Márquez (1927-2014), the main exponent of the latin american boom of the 1960s, the writer who furthered his peculiar use of the so-called magical realism until getting the Nobel Prize in 1982, the most best seller Of all that generation of writers on that side of the Atlantic who for the first time … Read more

Jean-Pierre Dardenne at the Ciné-Rencontres de Prades: “We try to make a cinema that looks at the world deep in the eyes”

Jean Pierre Dardenne at the Cine Rencontres de Prades We try to

Guest star of the 63rd Ciné-Rencontres de Prades festival from July 15 to 23, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Belgian filmmaker who won two Palmes d’or at Cannes with his brother Luc, will meet the public on Saturday July 16 when nine of his films are scheduled at Le Lido cinema. In a long interview, he talks about … Read more

Jacques Audiard | The world through the eyes of young thirtysomethings

1649847883 Jacques Audiard The world through the eyes of young

After The Sisters brothers, Jacques Audiard wanted a very light film, easier to make. To do this, he brought to the screen three graphic novels by American cartoonist Adrian Tomine, which he transposed into the reality of the 13and district of Paris. Exposing the lives of four young thirtysomethings, The Olympiads also gives the veteran … Read more

“In the eyes of Tammy Faye”: a fight Oscar for Jessica Chastain

1649180544 In the eyes of Tammy Faye a fight Oscar for

Princess for a day, committed actress forever. Jessica Chastain was consecrated for her role as Tammy Faye, an American preacher with an incredible destiny who became an LGBT icon. The opportunity for this feminist, married, two children, to remind her peers of the virtues of difference and love. Jessica Chastain is not afraid to assert … Read more

Oscars 2022: Jessica Chastain crowned best actress for “In the eyes of Tammy Faye”

Oscars 2022 Jessica Chastain crowned best actress for In the

The actress has just won the precious statuette for her role as American televangelist Tammy Faye Messner. A role for which she completely transformed. The third was the good one. Already nominated twice for The colour of feelings (2011) and Zero Dark Thirty (2012), Jessica Chastain has finally won the Oscar for Best Actress for … Read more

The use of chemical weapons, a war crime in the eyes of International Law

The use of chemical weapons a war crime in the

The potential use of chemical weapons in the context of the war in Ukraine has once again put on the table a theoretical red line that, in the eyes of International Law, is a war crime. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPAQ) confirmed the use of this weapon in the conflict in … Read more

Spanish women writers through the eyes of Juan Ramón, an exhibition at the Casa Museo Zenobia Juan Ramón Jiménez de Moguer – Huelva Good News

Spanish women writers through the eyes of Juan Ramon an

The exhibition can be visited until after Reyes at the Casa Museo Zenobia Juan Ramón Jiménez de Moguer. Image of the sample in the Exhibition Hall of the Moguer House Museum. HBN. Along with the Christmas activities organized especially on the occasion of these festivities, the province of Huelva has other proposals that allow you … Read more

Fanuel Hanán Díaz addresses Venezuelan migration, from the eyes of a child

Fanuel Hanan Diaz addresses Venezuelan migration from the eyes of

We have arrived in berlin. This is the title of the story with which the writer, researcher and editor Venezuelan Fanuel Hanán Díaz, based in Colombia, won the first edition of the Pedrito Botero National Children’s Literature Award. In the story, the protagonist boy does not arrive properly at the capital of Germany. The emotional … Read more

The X-rays in the eyes that ‘blinded’ Ramón y Cajal and Valle-Inclán

The X rays in the eyes that blinded Ramon y Cajal

The latest biography of Santiago Ramón y Cajal is written by the historian Francisco Cánovas Sánchez and has been published in Alianza. It is a social biography, so to speak, since it presents us with the time in which the scientist lived (1852-1934); a border age that conditioned their scientific research, assuming that unfavorable circumstances … Read more