Alexandre: Colin Farrell says he was deeply “ashamed” of the failure of the film

1673540668 Alexandre Colin Farrell says he was deeply ashamed of the

In the mid-2000s, Colin Farrell wore Oliver Stone’s ultra-ambitious “Alexander”. A major financial and critical failure which stops the Irish actor in his ascent. Destroyed by the critics, “ashamed” of the failure of a film which he imagined to triumph, he recently returned to this great moment of changeover in his career. alexandera decisive film … Read more

“Without implementation of the Peace Agreement, ‘total peace’ would be a failure”: Santos

Without implementation of the Peace Agreement total peace would be

Former President Juan Manuel Santos moderated a meeting between peace initiatives supported by the Compaz Foundation, which celebrated its fourth anniversary this Wednesday. Photo: Laly Malagón Former President Juan Manuel Santos reappeared this Wednesday, within the framework of the fourth anniversary of the foundation he created after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, to defend the … Read more

Robert Lefkowitz: “Most of what we do in research is an overwhelming failure”

NBA – The 2 priority players that the Nets want

I authorize KUARZO ARGENTINA SA and/or NET TV SAhereinafter “THE PRODUCERS” and their respective parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, concessionaires, successors and assigns to make use of my presence for any television Program (the “Program”) and in connection with Kuarzo Argentina SA and/or NET TV SA or others. I EXPRESSLY AGREE THAT: 1. I expressly, irrevocably … Read more

“Nightmare Alley”: the astonishing failure of Guillermo del Toro

Nightmare Alley the astonishing failure of Guillermo del Toro

VSIt was the downfall of the end-of-year celebrations. Released in the United States opposite Spider-Man: No Way Home, Nightmare Alley soon joined The Last Duel and West Side Story in the back alley of damaged films. On January 16, in the fifth week, far, very far from the boulevard de la Victoire overflown by the … Read more

Carol Perelman / Science in Education: Niels Bohr, from Young Failure to Nobel Prize in Physics

Carol Perelman Science in Education Niels Bohr from Young

Sure Bohr, nothing in accordance with the qualification appealed and to show that he did have some knowledge on the subject, they gave him 6 minutes to explain. However, the young man remained silent …, and after several minutes the referee reminded him that he had little time left … But Bohr said he had … Read more