The Wages of Fear: the shooting was hellish for Henri-Georges Clouzot

The Wages of Fear the shooting was hellish for Henri Georges

Directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot, “The Wages of Fear” (1953) was extremely complicated for the director and his team. Between illnesses, strikes by extras, injuries and rainstorms… The Wages of Fearmasterpiece of Henri-Georges Clouzot Henri-Georges Clouzot was one of the most outstanding French directors of his time. If we remember today particularly Devilish (1955) and The … Read more

“La Fauve”, a thriller by Yvan Robin: fear in the village

La Fauve a thriller by Yvan Robin fear in the

A human-eating feline that roams the forest… This is the legend that terrorizes the inhabitants of a small village where, every night, the men make rounds to protect the women, cloistered in their homes. One day, everything goes wrong. Devastating. “Novel not detective but almost…”, wrote the publisher on the cover of Yvan Robin’s new … Read more

“Fear of fear itself”: the alarming prediction made by the brand-new Nobel laureate in Economics about the market

Fear of fear itself the alarming prediction made by the scaled

Douglas Diamond, Nobel Prize in Economics 2022. The American Economist Douglas Diamond rose to international fame last week, being awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics 2022. Diamond shared the top prize in the discipline with two other famous American economists, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke and Philip Dybvig“for his research on … Read more

Lung cancer: what do the French know about the disease they fear the most?

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According to an Ipsos survey, carried out in July among 1,000 adults representative of the French population, lung cancer would hold a sad palme d’or, that of the most frightening pathology. But beyond this perception, what do the French know more precisely about this cancer? By selecting the three diseases that scare them the most … Read more

Fear of Russian retaliation leads several countries to oppose EU plan to hit Moscow with gas price cap

Oscar 2022 The Power of the Dog Belfast Coda… Tout.octet stream

Europe wants to set a limit on the price paid for natural gas from Russia, but the proposal faces rejection of the countries worried that Moscow will fight back by completely cutting off fuel supplies. At least 10 of the 27 members of the European Union want the price limit wholesale applies to all gas … Read more

Violence and fear, pre-election postcard – 24 Hours

Deserted streets, doors secured with padlocks, suspicious looks, silence reigns. Most escaped before the arrival of drug traffickers Y rebels who settled in their homes. The extortion, poverty, unemployment, forced criminal recruitment, homicides, sexual abuse Y disappearances They haunt the neighborhoods of the Colombian Pacific, where the heir gangs of paramilitarism and drug trafficking still … Read more

Michelle Bachelet after voting for Gabriel Boric: “Hope must beat fear”

1639922136 Michelle Bachelet after voting for Gabriel Boric Hope must beat

Former President Michelle Bachelet He voted before nine in the morning of this Sunday, December 19, at the Colegio Santa Catalina in the commune of La Reina. And after voting, the current UN High Commissioner for Human Rights was excited when speaking to the press outside that school. “This election is very important for the … Read more

“The police kill”: after the words of Philippe Poutou, the fear of an “overbidding”

The police kill after the words of Philippe Poutou the

“The police kill, obviously the police kill.” The words of Philippe Poutou, presidential candidate, did not fail to react. The day after his interview with our colleagues at France Info, Gérald Darmanin immediately replied by filing a complaint for “public insult”. These remarks are “insulting and unworthy of an elected representative of the Republic” assures … Read more