Sergio Ramírez and the adventures in Nicaragua of his friends from the ‘boom’

1638390448 Sergio Ramirez and the adventures in Nicaragua of his friends

The writer Sergio Ramírez at the Guadalajara International Book Fair on November 29, 2021.Hector Guerrero Cortázar was deceived, or perhaps he allowed himself to be deceived. Vargas Llosa was always more cautious, like Carlos Fuentes. While García Márquez, directly, was one more in the conspiracy. They were all friends of Sergio Ramírez (79 years old) … Read more

Joaquín Sabina and Fito Páez, from ‘intimate enemies’ to friends awarded in Latin Grammy

Joaquin Sabina and Fito Paez from intimate enemies to friends

From “close enemies” to happy and reconciled friends, Joaquín Sabina and Fito Páez received the Latin Grammy Award for Musical Excellence this Wednesday in Las Vegas (USA) as a tribute to their exceptional artistic career. Sabina and Páez shared this honor from the Latin Recording Academy along with other names in capital letters of Hispanic … Read more