Julio Scherer García, the distinguished friend of Comaltepec

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Comaltepec, nestled in the Sierra de Puebla, is proud of two historical facts: its ancestors fought hand-to-hand with the French invader in 1862 and in the classrooms of his small school he taught in the twenties of the last century the Nobel Prize for Literature, Gabriela Mistral. Thanks to the friendship that Julio Scherer García … Read more

The machine with which Gabriel García Márquez wrote ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ is on public display for the first time

The machine with which Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote One Hundred

Painting of Gabriel García Márquez with his Nobel Prize for Literature. Photo: Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 40 years ago, Gabriel García Márquez received the Nobel Prize for Literature and brought the Caribbean to Stockholm, and in front of the Swedish Academy he received the Nobel medal and a diploma. 58 years ago, in Mexico, … Read more

40 years of the Nobel Prize to García Márquez

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

Last Saturday marked the forty anniversary of the delivery to Gabriel García Márquez of the Nobel Prize for Literature. That December 10, 1982, when King Gustavo Adolfo placed the plaque declaring him the winner of the highest universal award for letters in the hands of the famous Colombian novelist, cold Stockholm experienced a carnival. Colombian … Read more

Hace 40 años, Gabriel García Márquez recibió el premio Nobel y llevó el Caribe a Estocolmo

Hace 40 anos Gabriel Garcia Marquez recibio el premio Nobel

Gabo Nobel. (Diseño a partir de fotografías: Jesús Avilés/Infobae). Todo lo que envuelve la figura de Gabriel García Márquez tiene un aire de misticismo que es, simplemente, incomprensible y suele rebasarse a sí mismo. Intentar entenderlo es derrumbar el artilugio, arruinarse el momento. Con Gabo las cosas son así. Pasan porque tienen que pasar y … Read more

The spell that Gabriel García Márquez cast the day he won the Nobel Prize

This is how the red carpet of the MTV Video

Gabriel Garcia Marquez. There was among the musicians the drummer Paulino Salgado, from Palenque; his compadre of remote youthful complicities Rafael Escalona, ​​the photographer Nereo López, whose hands were trembling under the snow and he was afraid he could not bear the cold of that December in Stockholm and sought the warmth of the boat … Read more

Special envoy to a country called Gabriel García Márquez

Special envoy to a country called Gabriel Garcia Marquez

12/09/2022 On at 07:29 TEC When four decades have passed since the award granted to him by the Swedish Academy, and this year’s awards are about to be handed out, we remember how the Colombian writer became probably the best Spanish-language author of recent times. He was wearing one of those mottled jackets he used … Read more

Gabriel García Márquez and “The loneliness of Latin America”

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In its ruling, the institution explained that the Nobel was awarded to garcia marquez “for his novels and short stories in which the fantastic and the real are combined in a universe richly composed of imagination that reflects the life and conflicts of the American continent.” During his acceptance speech, the writer covered the fables … Read more

Cuando García Márquez encarnó a Latinoamérica

Cuando Garcia Marquez encarno a Latinoamerica

“Macondo está de fiesta. Por la agónica línea férrea, único punto de contacto entre la magia y la geografía, llegó la noticia. El mundo se inclina en reverencia para anunciar que, de ahora en adelante, el pueblo de las lluvias decenales y el sol anaranjado y redondo es propiedad de la cultura universal. El Cuarto … Read more

A story by García Márquez that is not published in any of his books can be heard here

A story by Garcia Marquez that is not published in scaled

“I chose this story because it has a story behind it,” he will say ezekiel martinez in a while, when I ask him why he chose to read Something very serious is going to happen in this townof Gabriel Garcia Marquezin the podcast the ear that reads. The story will be told on a podcast, … Read more