Locomía según su creador, Xavier Font: “El Grammy que me debían me lo han dado con el nuevo documental” – Shangay

Si no sabes nada del fenómeno pop Locomía, un eventazo a finales de los 90, no te puedes perder la nueva serie documental que estrena Movistar+. Para conocer mejor lo que supuso Locomía, un proyecto lleno de luces y sombras, hablamos con su creador, Xavier Font, un hombre con una fuerte personalidad y sin pelos … Read more

Locomía according to its creator, Xavier Font: “The Grammy they owed me was given to me with the new documentary” – Shangay

If you don’t know anything about the pop phenomenon Locomía, a great event at the end of the 90s, you can’t miss the new documentary series that Movistar+ premieres. To better understand what it meant locomiaa project full of lights and shadows, we talked to its creator, Xavier Fonta man with a strong personality and … Read more

The reason why Christian Nodal drank alcohol at his Grammy Awards

A few months ago, Christian Nodal and Belinda staged one of the most controversial breakups in recent years. Thus, after the decision to separate, both have continued to generate controversy even later. The singerfor example, exhibited a intimate conversation with your ex partner to show the reason for the breakup of their courtship and that … Read more

Pablo Alborán turns 33: a musical career full of successes and joys, but without a Grammy

Related news This May 31, one of the most international artists from Malaga on the music scene turns 33 years old, Pablo Alboran. Although many still have him as the boy who sings Only you With a scarf around his neck and guitar in hand, our Pablo has grown up. The man from Malaga has … Read more

Camilo will support the Latin GRAMMY Cultural Foundation – Diario de Chiapas

Satus Media / Diana Fernández Diario de Chiapas The Latin GRAMMY® Cultural Foundation is pleased to announce that Camilo will donate $1 from every ticket sold during his upcoming “DE INSIDE PA AFUERA” North American tour to support the Foundation in its efforts to further the education of music creators. worldwide through scholarships, grants, and … Read more

Susana Baca: A brief review of the career of the three-time Grammy winner, who turns 78 today

Susana Esther Baca de la Colina was born in Chorillos, Lima, on May 24, 1944. She is the daughter of Ernesto Baca, who played the guitar, and Carmen de la Colina, whose family, from San Luis de Cañete, have left emblematic Afro-Peruvian musicians such as “Caitro” Soto, Rolando Campos or Pepe Vásquez. Thus, from a … Read more

Dog that sings along with the piano surprises the Internet: ‘Get him a Grammy’ – Home

A dog owner who is obsessed with the piano and sings along to the music hopes to catch the attention of america’s got talent judges Ashton Biggs shared a clip of his pet Goose on his TikTok page, @ashbi681, revealing his love for the musical instrument. The clip shows the 19-year-old and her dog interacting … Read more

They leaked video of Christian Nodal drinking alcohol directly from his Grammy award

Christian Nodal drinking from his grammys awards Christian Nodal became a trend again after A video will be leaked in which he uses his Grammy awards as a recipient to drink alcoholic beverages. ”For many people it represents many things and for me it does not represent anything”the singer commented on the statuettes awarded by … Read more

Dr. Dre once hated winning the Grammy for this Eminem song: “It’s like a stab in the stomach” – Home

Eminem and Dr. Dre have received much praise and praise for their contributions to hip-hop. This includes winning multiple rap Grammy Awards over the years for his work. But there was one hit record for which he would rather not win a Grammy and put it in the vault. So much so that he felt … Read more

The hilarious anecdotes of Rubén Rada: from forgetting a Grammy in a taxi to being naked in the middle of a desert

Ruben Rada He was in The Rock of Morfi (Telefe) and in addition to bringing his art, the Uruguayan singer told some of his most hilarious stories, which made those present in the studio laugh. The musician, who was defined by Jay Mammonprogram host, as a “great collector of anecdotes” remembered the time forgot a … Read more