From eight Grammys to oblivion: this is how the members of NSYNC are today, the band that redefined the music of the ’90s

1642644954 From eight Grammys to oblivion this is how the members

There are formulas that never fail and are destined for success. But, in order not to waste characters on multiple examples, one of the biggest ones should be highlighted: the boy bands Although the characteristics vary according to the fashions of the decade, in essence they are always the same, and some were considered the … Read more

123 Andrés, the Colombian duet that is nominated for the Anglo Grammys

123 Andres the Colombian duet that is nominated for the

The audience is not easy, the boys and girls are very sincere, if the show bores them or they don’t like it, they don’t hesitate to lie down on the floor to sleep, cry or do anything else. However, Andrés Salguero, a musician from Bogotá, and Christina Sanabria, an American teacher of Colombian parents, manage … Read more

Jon Batiste. The 35-year-old musician and dancer who leads the nominations of the next Grammys, with 11 nominations

1641646856 Jon Batiste The 35 year old musician and dancer who leads the

It’s early morning in Harlem, New York. Jon Batiste aims for the stars with his melodic, an instrument that mixes keyboard and harmonica that he never lets go of. March through the streets with Madonna. The artist, who now calls herself Madame X for her new album and documentary, chose the best partner. Batiste makes … Read more

J Balvin regretted the call for a boycott against the Grammys: “I felt alone” | EL TERRITORIO news from Misiones.

J Balvin regretted the call for a boycott against the

Tuesday, December 28, 2021 | 6:00 a.m. J Balvin participated in an interview on the Dímelo King YouTube channel in which he spoke about his career, his career and an issue that had him in the spotlight of criticism in recent months: his proposal to boycott the Latin Grammy. During the talk, he assured that … Read more

Rauw Alejandro y su nuevo disco Trap Cake Volm. Reggaeton y Grammys

Rauw Alejandro y su nuevo disco Trap Cake Volm Reggaeton

Rauw Alejandro sigue de gira por todo el mundo con su disco Vice Versa. Agota entradas en todas las ciudades. Y 2022 se presenta aún mejor con nuevo álbum, Trap Cake Vol, y conciertos por todo el planeta, España incluida. Rauw Alejandro Iba para futbolista y se convirtió, en solo 7 años, en una de … Read more

Alizzz: “You have to pay for the Latin Grammys. The ones they give you for the photo are really bad”

Alizzz You have to pay for the Latin Grammys The

PRESENTS ‘THERE MUST BE SOMETHING ELSE’ He’s the musical king Midas, everything he touches turns to gold! Cristian, better known as Alizzz, comes to yu, don’t miss anything to tell us about his debut album, There has to be something else. Alizzz has just released There must be something else, an album in which we … Read more

Filo.Music | Billie Eilish: How She Built An Empire Of Grammys And Plays

FiloMusic Billie Eilish How She Built An Empire Of

The princess of dark pop Billie eilish is the new protagonist of Filo.Music And in this chapter we explain how he built an empire of Grammys and plays in just a few years. Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell He was born on December 18, 2001 in Los Angeles, California. Well centennial and Sagittarian, it seems … Read more

The productive Mon Laferte pandemic: Painting, Grammys and motherhood –

The productive Mon Laferte pandemic Painting Grammys and motherhood

Mon Laferte knew how to take advantage of the pandemic. He made two controversial murals in Valparaíso, he gave us interesting songs both alone and in collaboration with other artists, he recorded two albums widely valued by the public and critics; and ended up fulfilling the dream of getting pregnant. The beginning of the pandemic … Read more