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GreenGo, the eco-responsible alternative to Airbnb that wants to shake up the tourism sector. Tourism is changing, market players must reinvent itself to better anticipate current environmental and societal issues. After a period marked by Covid, the French have resumed their taste for travel, with one desire: to go green. To meet these expectations, the … Read more

GreenGo survey: for 86% of French people, the environmental impact is now a decisive criterion in travel choices – TendanceHotellerie

GreenGo survey for 86 of French people the environmental impact

GreenGo conducted a survey of 1417 people to understand the relationship of travelers to the environment and sustainable tourism. [1] Next September 27 will honor World Tourism Day articulated around the theme “rethinking tourism”. A question posed by many players in the sector who seek both to improve the experience of travelers, but also to … Read more

GreenGo and Flockeo, alternatives to Airbnb for sustainable tourism are growing

Today marks the 28th anniversary of the attack on the

Fair and committed, responsible alternatives to Airbnb are multiplying. Environmental assessment of accommodation, measurement of the carbon footprint, support in the transition to a sustainable model… GreenGo and Flockeo, two French platforms, are building the future of the sector. Throughout the week, Novethic explores the paths towards more sustainable tourism. They are rooted in the … Read more

Voyager plus responsable avec GreenGo, le Airbnb du tourisme durable

Voyager plus responsable avec GreenGo le Airbnb du tourisme durable

Par Agence de presse APEI Publié le 23 Juil 22 à 15:37  Actu Voir mon actu Suivre ce média GreenGo sélectionne en France des hébergements éco-responsables. (©pikselstock / Adobe Stock) L’idée est partie d’un simple constat : « Face à l’enjeu climatique, nous voulions amorcer la transition de près ou de loin et nous nous sommes rendu … Read more

GreenGo, « le Airbnb écoresponsable » lève 1,2 million d’euros

GreenGo le Airbnb ecoresponsable leve 12 million deuros

Partir en vacances tout en réduisant son empreinte carbone. C’est le deal que propose GreenGo, une alternative se présentant comme « plus écologique et locale » que les traditionnels sites de réservation comme Airbnb ou Booking. Après le rachat au début du mois de juin 2022 du site concurrent Vaovert , place à la levée de fonds millionnaire. … Read more

Guillaume Jouffre: GreenGo promotes responsible travel

Guillaume Jouffre GreenGo promotes responsible travel

Traveler better and less far Originally from Corrèze, I studied engineering at Polytechnique, then worked for five years in strategy consulting. While travelling, reading the IPCC reports, following personalities like Jean-Marc Jancovici, I had a real vertigo linked to global warming. Tourism then interested me: the sector is responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas … Read more