Hanging from the platform: Week from 12/12/2022 to 12/18/2022 | The Cinema of What I Tell You

Hanging from the platform Week from 12122022 to 12182022

Dear Cousin Theo: To pay homage to the writer Annie Ernaux, taking advantage of the premiere of her documentary on Filmin, our classics and jewels are dedicated to her and other authors who have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature and have seen their works made into films. On the other hand, we must … Read more

Germany: A painting by painter Piet Mondrian has been hanging upside down for 77 years

As if the war and the blockade weren’t enough to make life difficult in Gaza… For Palestinian rapper Ayman Mghames, survival is a constant struggle. However, neither the lack of means, nor the way in which conservative society stigmatizes a musical genre imported from the West, nor the patient search for an audience has not … Read more

Hanging rhinos and gum stuck to the floor: Ig Nobel prizes, the awards that make you “laugh first and then think” – BBC News World

1634406872 Hanging rhinos and gum stuck to the floor Ig Nobel

Jonathan Amos Science Correspondent, BBC 10 September 2021 Image source, Getty Images Caption, Scientists at Cornell University wanted to know if the health of animals could be compromised when they dangle by their legs under a helicopter. An experiment that hung black rhinos upside down to see what effect it had on these animals received … Read more