Britney Spears and Paris Hilton: the friendship that defined the 2000s and that nothing (and no one) could separate

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton the friendship that defined the

When they ruled the world, Princess Leonor was still crawling, the iPhone had not seen the light, Barack Obama was a semi-unknown senator and Penélope CruzHe got his first Oscar nomination for Return. 16 years later, they may not retain the same ubiquity, but they have the key to grab headlines at their mercy and … Read more

Albert of Monaco gives (semi) reassuring news of Charlene; Angie Jolie takes a French lover, Emmanuel Macron a surprise cold shower; Orelsan plays her Willy Wonka, Paris Hilton plays her pussy; Madonna fights for the rights of her ass

Albert of Monaco gives semi reassuring news of Charlene Angie

Charlène wins the majority of People covers, again this week. This week, our weeklies tell us some pretty stories. A bit like Christmas tales in advance: the strings are a little thick, the feelings, syrupy, but you want to believe it. Charlene of Monaco never stops making the front page of People magazines. This time, … Read more