The closing of the hole in the ozone layer already has a date if we continue like this

The closing of the hole in the ozone layer already

One of lime and one of sand. Although we just met the results of the latest Copernicus program reportwhich states that 2022 has been the fifth hottest year for as long as records exist, this week has also been a place for good environmental news. And it is that, according to the most recent data … Read more

NBA: end of eclipse for the Suns, black hole for the Warriors

NBA end of eclipse for the Suns black hole for

The Suns snapped a six-game losing streak with a win over the bewildered Warriors, while the Heat set an NBA free-throw efficiency record on Tuesday, the day David Bowie passed away seven years ago. . “Changes” Change, that’s what fans of Golden State and Phoenix, currently in a difficult time, hoped to see. And it … Read more

Violent Night’s Santa Story Has A Major Plot Hole | Pretty Reel

Movie theater Oscars 2022 a selection focused on initiatory stories

Violent Night sees Stranger Things star David Harbor’s Santa kill some bad guys, but the dark comedy ‘satire’ crumbles under scrutiny. In Violent Night, David Harbour’s Santa Claus kills mercenaries because they’re on the bad guy list, but that judgment doesn’t extend to a family of millionaires who made their fortunes embezzling funds from an … Read more

How does the formation of a black hole affect us on Earth? Three great physicists reveal what could happen to our galaxy

How does the formation of a black hole affect us

As if it were a joke, a German, an Austrian and a Soviet (today we would say it was Russian), all Nobel Prize winners, give us the keys to how it affects our planet. the formation of black holes. We start with the Soviet: Pavel Cherenkov (or Cerenkov or Čerenkov). Member of the Communist Party … Read more

Giant hole appeared in a city in Chile: the authorities are puzzled

Today marks the 28th anniversary of the attack on the

Chile’s government announced Tuesday that it is investigating the causes of a sinkhole 32 meters in diameter and 64 meters deep appeared near a copper mine in the Atacama desert. Experts traveled to the municipality of Tierra Amarilla, some 800 km north of Santiago, where the huge hole appeared over the weekend, reported the National … Read more

The first image of Sagittarius A*, the monstrous black hole at the center of our galaxy

The first image of Sagittarius A the monstrous black hole

Jonathan Amos BBC Science Correspondent 1 hour image source, EHT collaboration Caption, Sagittarius A*. This is the first image of the monstrous black hole that inhabits the center of our galaxy. It is known as Sagittarius A*, and has a mass four million times that of our Sun. A central dark region, where the hole … Read more