L’industrie du cinéma russe, chamboulée après le départ de Hollywood

MOSCOU: En apprenant la suspension par Hollywood de la sortie de ses films en Russie, en réaction à l’intervention militaire “injustifiée” en Ukraine, la Moscovite Mila Grekova a “aussitôt compris pour qui sonne le glas”. Traductrice de films américains, Mme Grekova est sans travail depuis la décision des cinq géants hollywoodiens — Disney, Universal, Sony … Read more

Vangelis, the cult Hollywood composer (Blade Runner, Chariots of Fire…), is dead

blade runnerit’s him. The Chariots of Fireit’s him. alexanderwhich adapts the story of Alexander the Great, is also him. Vangelis, cult composer of American cinema, died at the age of 79. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis confirmed the news on Twitter. The artist was hospitalized in France after catching Covid-19, according to several media. Born … Read more

Soy Cuba: the Soviet film that spanked Scorsese, Coppola and all of Hollywood

Consecrated by Martin Scorsese himself, Soy Cuba features some of the most mind-boggling shots in history. 1992. The novelist and critic Guillermo Cabrera Infante offers a session of Soy Cuba at the Telluride Festival. Edith Kramer of the Pacific Film Archive then sets out to find her reels, which gather dust on a shelf. It … Read more

Who is Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother? Discover the one that influenced the life of the famous Hollywood actor! – Mag Mirror

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s best known and most celebrated actors. While fans are aware of the buzz surrounding his latest projects or even his love life, very little is known about his mother, to whom he credits much of his success with her unwavering support and love. . … Read more

CODA and the advent of streaming platforms in Hollywood

On the sidelines of a famous slap, the Oscars ceremony was marked by a historic first: a film broadcast by a streaming platform won the supreme award for best feature film under the noses of the major Hollywood studios. Many in the movie industry believe that if Will Smith hadn’t taken the stage to punch … Read more

Best Picture Oscar at CODA | The advent of streaming platforms in Hollywood

(Los Angeles) A ​​famous slap in the face relegated it to the background, but the Oscars ceremony was marked by a historic first: a film broadcast by a streaming swept the supreme award for best feature under the noses of the major traditional Hollywood studios. Posted at 10:17 a.m. Huw GRIFFITH France Media Agency Many … Read more

Will Smith: Bad Boys 4, Netflix… after his slap at the Oscars, he is banned from Hollywood

His slap inflicted on Chris Rock at the Oscars ceremony on March 26 is beginning to have very serious consequences for Will Smith. The Hollywood star would indeed be on the verge of losing big projects. An act with terrible consequences. On March 27, at the 94th Academy Awards, Will Smith caused a veritable earthquake … Read more

At the Oscars, Hollywood stars show their solidarity with refugees

By UNHCR Staff | April 01, 2022 | Français Jamie Lee Curtis holds up a ribbon that reads ‘X20WithRefugees’ supporting refugees around the world on March 27, 2022 as she poses on the red carpet at the 94th Academy Awards in Hollywood, USA . © REUTERS/Eric Gaillard On the evening of Sunday March 27, 2022, … Read more