United States: a school decides to ban “Maus”, the Pulitzer Prize for Art Spiegelman on the Holocaust

United States a school decides to ban Maus the Pulitzer

A school in Tennessee has banned an award-winning Holocaust graphic novel from its classrooms. In question: several swear words and illustrations of naked mice, cartoon style. It’s a ‘crazy’ move for graphic novel author Art Spiegelman Maus: A survivor tells, and son of Auschwitz survivors. The author, who chose to illustrate how his own parents … Read more

September 30, 1928: Elie Wiesel, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, is born – CCIU

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Iton Gadol On September 30, 1928, one of the most recognized Jewish personalities of the 20th century was born in Transylvania, more precisely in Sighet, a city that was part of Hungary between 1940 and 1945 and currently belongs to Romania: Eliezer “Elie” Wiesel. Outstanding writer, who made his testimony about the Shoah known in … Read more

Israeli Holocaust short wins 2022 BAFTA award

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

Israeli film students won the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) award on Friday at the annual Yugo BAFTA Awards for 2022, in the “Student Films” category for their film “Girl No. 60427.” The short film, directed by students Shulamit Lifshitz and Oriel Berkovits of the Maaleh School of Television, Film & the … Read more

Historian Saul Friedländer, Holocaust survivor, receives the Balzan Prize

Historian Saul Friedländer, survivor of the Shoah, received the Balzan Prize on July 1 at the Federal Palace in Bern for his life’s work in the study of the Shoah and genocide. The prize was awarded to him last September, for a discount this summer. Nearly 90 years old, the researcher was rewarded for “the … Read more

Pope Pius XII, far from being “neutral” during the Holocaust, says a Pulitzer winner

Pope Pius XII far from being neutral during the Holocaust

When, in 1943, 1,260 Italian Jews were rounded up by the Nazis within earshot of Vatican City in Rome, Pope Pius XII did not lift a finger in protest. The pope was however well informed of the probable fate of the Italian Jews who had been gathered in the courtyard of a military college for … Read more

An American school bans the “Maus” comic strip, a major work on the Holocaust

An American school bans the Maus comic strip a major

An aberration, while we commemorate the Holocaust, on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz this Thursday. A school board in Tennessee, USA, banned the comic strip Maus, by Art Spiegelman, alerted the American journalist on Twitter on Wednesday Judd Legum. Considered a major work in the history of comics, this … Read more

Playing with the nuclear holocaust – Venezuela United

Playing with the nuclear holocaust Venezuela United

I write this article on Thursday, February 24, when the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine has been completed in the early hours of the day and aerial bombardments are being carried out against its cities. Such a serious event – which occurred when shortly before Russia had attacked Ukraine’s territorial integrity by having supported … Read more

United States. Controversial remarks on the Holocaust: star host Whoopi Goldberg suspended from her TV show

United States Controversial remarks on the Holocaust star host Whoopi

American actress Whoopi Goldberg was suspended for two weeks on Tuesday from the show she co-presents on the American channel ABC, after saying the day before that the Holocaust was “not about race”. Apologies deemed insufficient She apologized on Monday for the statement made as she sought to defend the Holocaust graphic novel “Maus,” which … Read more

Whoopi Goldberg in turmoil after her Holocaust sentence

Whoopi Goldberg in turmoil after her Holocaust sentence

Here are the best and worst ads that aired during the 2022 Super Bowl. Not to mention the weirdest… On the occasion of Super Bowl LVI, everyone (from Zendaya to Paul Rudd, children from Soprano to Doja Cat) appeared to sell cryptocurrency, burgers, and soda. Here are the best, worst, and weirdest ads of 2022. … Read more