▷ Meeting between Unexpo and the productive sector of Lara state allowed relations to be strengthened and consolidated #24Nov – El Impulso

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A meeting of experience and links between the university and the productive sector was held within the framework of the Unexpo 60th anniversarythrough which it was possible to strengthen and consolidate relationships with various entities, such as the Chamber of Industrialists, Commerce, EACI, Lara Sectional Venezuelan Red Cross, among other. Said activity was carried out … Read more

▷ #OPINION Four writer-journalists who won the Nobel Prize #21Oct – El Impulso

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The presence of the figure of the writer in journalism dates back to its origins in the late Middle Ages, accentuated after the irruption of the printing press. The journalistic functions in the printed media are carried out first by the writers, among them the poets. But with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, its … Read more

▷ Four Venezuelan groups and artists nominated for the Latin Grammy for best instrumental album #5Oct – El Impulso

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Work of www.runrun.es The Roots Group of Venezuela will compete on November 17 for a Latin Grammy in the category “Best Instrumental Album” for his album «Ofrenda». – Advertising – This great gala will be held in the city of Las Vegas in the United States, an event that brings together prominent figures from the … Read more

▷ #COLUMNA Chronicles of Facundo: The trivialization of international crimes #25Sep – El Impulso

This is how the red carpet of the MTV Video

The issuance of a new report, the third of those prepared in 2020 and 2021 by the independent missions appointed by the UN Human Rights Council, on the commission of serious human rights violations in Venezuela through a State policy designed for that purpose and that, as a whole, typify true crimes against humanity, in … Read more

Cripto, Soros y el impulso global para financiar una revolución en …

1645906260 Cripto Soros y el impulso global para financiar una revolucion

Bloomberg — Cada fin de semana en Singapur, la diáspora de Myanmar se congrega en el Peninsula Plaza en busca de noticias (y del sabor) de su país. Los clientes acuden a un puesto de comida emergente adornado con una imagen de tamaño real de la líder depuesta de Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi, donde … Read more

The Municipal Council distinguished a scientist from Rosario – IMPULSO

The Municipal Council distinguished a scientist from Rosario IMPULSO

At the initiative of the mayor Ariel Cozzoni of the Unite-Un Gol para Rosario block, The Municipal Council of Rosario awarded a Diploma of Honor to Dr. Gabriela Gerosa, by virtue of his capacity as a member of Benjamin List’s scientific team, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021, from the Max Planck Institute in the city … Read more