Nîmes: the Semaphore notes a “real increase in attendance” since the start of the school year

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

Despite the difficulties, the works or the price of energy, Jean-Sylvain Minsenn, director of independent cinema, remains optimistic. “The Semaphore is recovering, like all the rest of the operation, but a little better than the others”welcomes Jean-Sylvain Minsenn, the director of independent cinema. “From September, we noticed a real increase in attendance and above all, … Read more

Centralizing the operation of its hotel activities from A to Z to increase overall productivity: feedback from hoteliers – TendanceHotellerie

Centralizing the operation of its hotel activities from A to

Management of multi-activity, multi-site establishments or establishments grouping together several profit centers… Very specific issues with which hotel professionals are confronted, and which PMS are not all capable of handling. The choice of a suitable and scalable solution makes it possible to reassure its employees, base its development strategy on solid systems, and achieve significant … Read more

Consumption and inflation: good plans to increase your purchasing power

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

129 billion euros for 2.1 billion transactions, this is the amount of online purchases made by the French in 2021 according to Fevad (source). A record! Between false promotions, the growing number of shopping sites and techniques to artificially inflate prices, buying online is inevitably a time saver but certainly not a way to control … Read more

Amazon Prime Video: prices increase, when?

Amazon Prime Video prices increase when

PREMIUM VIDEO. The prices of the Amazon Prime subscription, which includes the Prime Video streaming platform, will increase from September 15. Pricing details. Summary [Mis à jour le 26 juillet 2022 à 8h56] Bad news for Amazon subscribers. The Prime subscription, which includes the platform of streaming Prime Video, will now cost more. Amazon announced … Read more

Data[.]ai analyzes the increase in the use and downloads of travel applications – TendanceHotellerie

Dataai analyzes the increase in the use and downloads of

Despite inflation, travel and navigation app downloads up 25 % over the previous year, exceed 1.4 billion worldwide from January to May 2022 as the peak travel season approaches Latest analysis from data.ai shows downloads of AirBnB, Booking.com and Expedia apps in the US doubled in the first week of May compared to the first … Read more

The increase in the price of oil does not cause inflation

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The interannual inflation of Costa Rica as of February 2022 was 4.90%. Inflation is understood as a general increase in all prices. To measure it, economists use the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Given the recent increases in the price of oil, some economists in Costa Rica mistakenly argue that this is the cause of inflation. … Read more

Alberto Fernández maintains Martín Guzmán despite criticism and endorses him in his plan to increase rates

1645340161 Alberto Fernandez maintains Martin Guzman despite criticism and endorses him

Alberto Fernandez he admits that he is facing a pivotal moment. He knows that what happens in the next few weeks will seal the future of his presidency. It is in the midst of this scenario of uncertainty that the President seeks to send some signals that convey confidence. The first is that the imminent … Read more