British Independent Film Awards: 25 Years Of Being ‘Trends’, ‘Guinea Pigs’ And Giving Top Honors To Florence Pugh, Letitia Wright (And More) – Deadline

This is how the red carpet of the MTV Video

At the first British Independent Film Awards in 1998, among the nominees for Best British Independent Film was lock, reserve and two smoking barrels, the directorial debut of a young Guy Ritchie and a film that propelled him (along with Jason Statham and producer Matthew Vaughn) straight into the big leagues. It was Ritchie’s first … Read more

Independent cinemas: dark skies for dark rooms

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

Independent cinemas in New Aquitaine have seen a 30% drop in attendance for 2022. Weakened by the energy crisis, small cinemas must find ideas to attract new audiences. This is the theme of “6:30 p.m. in New Aquitaine”. Everything you need to know about the Basque pelota world championships: 2022 Basque Pelota World Championships The … Read more

Ecuadorian puts an ‘exclusive’ stamp on independent music

Fabrizio Moreira is an Ecuadorian who has managed to stand out in the world of music thanks to his VIP Music Records project, his music camps and above all the professionalism and humility with which he carries each project that comes into his hands. His commitment and vision have led him to become part of … Read more

“The stars, for them, are not the people on the screen but the directors”: A24, the new code of independent cinema

The stars for them are not the people on the

By Clementine Goldszal Published today at 06:00 Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationA letter and two numbers in the credits synonymous with quality independent film. Ten years after its creation, this New York distribution and production company has become a key player in the cinephilia world. Omnipresent in Cannes this year, A24 could obtain the consecration. … Read more

Ukraine-Russia war: Last independent newspaper in Moscow, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, closes – World – ABC Color

Ukraine Russia war Last independent newspaper in Moscow winner of the

INTERNATIONAL WRITING. The newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”, directed by the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dmitri Muratov, will stop reporting in the country because its board and editorial management decided on a “temporary closure”. They argued, due to warnings from the Russian communications regulator, in the context of Russia’s conflict with Ukraine. “We better close, because if … Read more

Russia: Relentless Kremlin crackdown muzzles independent journalism and anti-war movement

Russia Relentless Kremlin crackdown muzzles independent journalism and anti war movement

Russian security forces detaining anti-war protesters in St. Petersburg // Photo by Sergey Mihailicenko/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images Independent media have been blocked and more than 150 journalists have fled the country Facebook and Twitter banned New legislation punishes independent journalism on the war with up to 15 years in prison; the word “war” and … Read more

A history of censorship and persecution: Vladimir Putin’s fight against independent Russian media

A history of censorship and persecution Vladimir Putins fight against

A press worker is detained by Russian police during a protest in St. Petersburg (REUTERS / Stringer) Ivan Kolpakoveditor-in-chief of jellyfishone of Russia’s most popular independent media outlets, expected the government to block public access to its website every day since the war with Ukraine began. On Friday morning it finally happened. But then the … Read more

In the midst of war, Russia attacks independent media

Colombia remembers with renewed promises the five years of peace

The closure of a historic radio and an online television channel caused a great shock to the last independent media in Russia, which see the opening, together with the invasion of Ukraine, of a “second front” in which they are the whites. Accused, among others, of broadcasting “calls to commit extremist and violent acts,” the … Read more

the emergence of independent film in the USA (in UHD and Blu-ray)

the emergence of independent film in the USA in UHD

Artistic note: (4/5) Synopsis Graham Dalton has a strange secret: he collects videotapes of testimonials from women who confide their sex life to him. Returning to his hometown after a long absence, he reunites with an old friend who has “succeeded” and his wife. Graham’s arrival will disturb the couple and events will take an … Read more

After Love wins six BIFA awards, including Best Independent British Film

After Love wins six BIFA awards including Best Independent British

06/12/2021 – The BIFA evening was full of surprises: many first film directors were awarded prizes, a plethora of new names were celebrated This article is available in English. Aleem Khan‘s debut feature, After Love [+lire aussi : critiquebande-annonceinterview : Aleem Khanfiche film], has won six awards at the British Independent Film Awards (BIFAs). Khan also personally won … Read more