Coup de theater, the new whodunit laboriously inspired by Agatha Christie – Exit Mag

Coup de theater the new whodunit laboriously inspired by Agatha

It’s not Agatha Christie who wants: inspired by La Sourcière, Spectacular turn of events by Tom George bores us by dint of multiplying the references or giving rise to the slightest suspense. So sad… There are films whose story is more interesting than the film itself. This is the case of this Spectacular turn of … Read more

Cinematek honors Akira Kurosawa, the director who inspired Sergio Leone, George Lucas, Quentin Tarantino…

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

Federico Fellini is the one who best summed up Akira Kurosawa’s cinema: “I feel in Kurosawa the total show […]. I feel the cinema exploited in all its means of expression […]. His cinema is a kind of expressive miracle.” We can rediscover it during a retrospective at Cinematek, until November 7. Often reduced to … Read more

Julieta Venegas presents her third single “On your shore” inspired by a poem

Julieta Venegas presents her third single On your shore inspired

A few days ago the singer-songwriter and musician juliet come onreleased his third single under the name of “On your shore”. This song, which is already available on all digital platforms, will be included in his next album which will soon be on the market. Of his new song and video “On your shore”, is … Read more

Paris Exhibit Shows How Egypt Plane Crash Inspired ‘The Little Prince’ Novel

Paris Exhibit Shows How Egypt Plane Crash Inspired The Little

ALGIERS: The first residence of the great French couturier, Yves Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, known as Yves Saint Laurent, born on August 1, 1936 in Oran in Algeria at the time of French colonization, will soon open its doors to visitors. An Algerian entrepreneur by the name of Mohammed Affane has bought the family home in which the … Read more

Johnny Depp’s Gift Inspired a Grammy-Winning Song by Paul McCartney

For an actor, Johnny Depp hangs out with a lot of musicians. He played guitar on an Oasis album, formed two supergroups and collaborated with Tom Petty. So it’s no surprise that he rubbed shoulders with legendary Beatle Paul McCartney. Long before we knew about the Hicksville trailer and the missing fingertip from it, Depp’s … Read more

Filmmaker James Gray inspired by his childhood in ‘Armageddon Time’

Here are the twenty-one films in competition for the Palme d’Or at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, five of which are directed by women. Future Crimes by David Croenberg The director of “Crash” (1996) is not used to sparing his audience: at 79, the Canadian should prove it once again, with this film which is … Read more

In May on FILMO: the Japanese comedy that inspired the Cannes 2022 zombies, a special Croisette selection…

In May on FILMO the Japanese comedy that inspired the

Candidate for the 2022 Oscar for best foreign film for Chile, Blanc sur blanc is available exclusively on FILMO. Subscribers can also discover the film behind Coupez!, opening of Cannes 2022, and a selection around the Festival. Koch Films GmbH DO NOT CUT BEFORE CUT! As the 2022 Cannes Film Festival prepares to shine the … Read more

FRENCH PRESIDENTIAL VIEW FROM AFRICA: And if we were inspired by good practices in France? – Editions The Country


On April 10, the first round of the French presidential election took place. This is the twelfth presidential election of the Vand Republic and eleventh by universal suffrage. The pollsters weren’t wrong. Indeed, for weeks, these polls have indicated that Emmanuel Macron, current tenant of the Elysée Palace, would arrive at the top of the … Read more

The Batman: what films and comic books inspired director Matt Reeves?

1645264997 The Batman what films and comic books inspired director Matt

Third part of our interviews with the team of “The Batman”. This week, place only Matt Reeves who evokes the films and comic books which inspired him in a very long answer. “I immersed myself in depth in comic books”answers Matt Reeves when we ask him about the sources of inspiration for The Batman. “When … Read more

Arthur Rambo: what media scandal inspired this film?

Arthur Rambo what media scandal inspired this film

Carried by Rabah Naït Oufella, Arthur Rambo is Laurent Cantet’s new drama, Palme d’Or 2008 for Between the Walls. Is this story based on a true story? We have the answer. After L’Atelier, released in 2017, Laurent Cantet is back behind the camera with Arthur Rambo. This time, the filmmaker introduces us to the character … Read more