MICHEL CIMENT | Interview : “Très souvent dans la presse aujourd’hui, on raconte le scénario.”

1642074032 MICHEL CIMENT Interview Tres souvent dans la presse

Paris 9e, décembre 2021. Quiconque aime le cinéma a sans doute déjà entendu au moins une fois le nom de Michel Ciment. Critique et enseignant, historien du cinéma, auteur de nombreux ouvrages de référence (sur Kubrick, Rosi, Boorman, Kazan, Losey…), producteur et animateur de radio (Le Masque et la plume, Projection privée), Michel Ciment est … Read more

Interview. Flavia Costa, on the book Tecnoceno: “We are merging with infotechnologies”

Interview Flavia Costa on the book Tecnoceno We are merging

In Technocene: Algorithms, biohackers and new life forms, the researcher and PhD in Social Sciences Flavia Costa it subtly delineates the cultural and political fabric of this hallucinatory ambient world whose virtuality is sustained by a material network made of cables, satellites and buildings, where bioartists, forensic science, human rights organizations, surveillance systems and transhumanist … Read more

Abdulrazak Gurnah: “I wish to counterbalance the heroic narratives of imperialism” (interview)

Abdulrazak Gurnah I wish to counterbalance the heroic narratives of

Abdulrazak Gurnah was just 19 when he left the troubled paradise of his youth in Zanzibar to seek refuge in the UK. For the 2021 Nobel Prize, “literature can be the bearer of messages”. An interview conducted by Tobias Rapp.… A few weeks before learning that he would receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, Abdulrazak … Read more

“The Fall of Lima”, the new comic by Miguel Det: “Probably, the capital has always been screwed up” | INTERVIEW

1639859661 The Fall of Lima the new comic by Miguel Det

According to the criteria of Know more In his role as a chronicler of modern urban life, the Frenchman Honoré Daumier captured the effects of the industrialization of Paris in the mid-19th century. Images of train travel are frequent in his work. In the painting that illustrates our cover, “The third-class wagon” (1862), the artist … Read more

Interview with Lorie: return to the school benches on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his musical career.

Interview with Lorie return to the school benches on the

Lorie celebrates 20 years of career Yep, Lorie’s first album “Near you” came out in 2001… It has been 20 years since the melody of “I will be (your best friend)” exists and we still know it by heart! For the occasion, Momes.net asked him a few questions. While the singer was only 19 years … Read more

Three Guatemalans to interview Nobel Prize winners in Science

1637083186 Three Guatemalans to interview Nobel Prize winners in Science

The Unidos por la Ciencia event will bring together eighty undergraduate and graduate students from Latin America and the Caribbean with Nobel Prize laureates to discuss how science and scientists can positively impact society in the most effective way possible. The activity will address topics including the responsibilities of scientists, strategies to promote science, the … Read more

Interview: La Source Des Montagnes, on the way to the Oscars?

1636124214 Interview La Source Des Montagnes on the way to the

Directed by Camille Di Dio, Marianne Moisy, Briag Mallat, Benjamin François, Adrien Communier and Pierre Gorichon within ESMA, The Source of the Mountains is an atypical short film, with careful aesthetics and narrative. Recently passed “Oscar-Qualified” and therefore likely to win a statuette at the next Oscars, the film is coming online: on this occasion, … Read more

From singing in a bar to winning the Latin Grammy: he is Manuel Medrano | Interview

1635889921 From singing in a bar to winning the Latin Grammy

According to the criteria of Know more After having obtained two Latin Grammys, the Colombian singer Manuel Medrano He presented his new album “Eterno”, a record work in which he works with his friend, the producer Juan Pablo Vega. This production comes at a time when Medrano consolidates his career and describes it as “the … Read more

ADX in Interview – new album: Etranges Visions – – LORDS OF ROCK

1635690403 ADX in Interview new album Etranges Visions

Live from the Swiss mountain pastures, I had the great honor of talking to Phil, founder and singer of the ADX group. It is with a lot of frankness that he took part in this interview to explain to us the why and how of this new mischief. Strange Visions and the circumstances that have … Read more

The Interview – Maria Ressa, Nobel Peace Prize: “Being a journalist has become increasingly dangerous”

1634847432 The Interview Maria Ressa Nobel Peace Prize Being a

First modification: 10/21/2021 – 21:44 Maria Ressa, winner of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, gave an exclusive interview to France 24. Co-founder of the news site ‘Rappler’ and critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, this 58-year-old Filipino-American reporter highlights that the journalist’s work is increasingly dangerous and insists on the importance of being able to counter … Read more