A documentary on the life of (Jewish) writer Saul Bellow

1674245948 A documentary on the life of Jewish writer Saul Bellow

JTA — Given his place in the international literary elite, it’s hard to believe that no documentary has yet been made about Jewish Nobel Prize winner Saul Bellow. It is now ancient history since the broadcast, last week on PBS, of “American Masters: The Adventures of Saul Bellow”. This documentary by Israeli director Asaf Galay, … Read more

Gerard Kleczewski. “Le Monde” and the “New York Times”, white cap and gray cap? – Jewish Tribune

Gerard Kleczewski Le Monde and the New York Times white

On Golnadel.tv, “The WebTV that fights Islamo-leftism” by media lawyer and without language of wood, William Goldnadel, this one returns at length, in one of his last interventions on the file published in “Tribune Juive” and titled “The lynching of Israel by Le Monde” – I had the honor to participate: https://goldnadel.tv/media/lisez-le-dossier-accablant-de-tribune-juive-sur-le He explains the … Read more

To which mysterious character belongs the most visited tomb in the Jewish cemetery? – CIIU

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

The Country- by Andrés López Reilly Since the Kehila (Israeli Community of Uruguay) founded the Jewish Cemetery of La Paz, a little over a century ago, never has a tomb been as visited as that of Monsieur Shoshani (1895-1968). The philosophical dimension of this enigmatic character (of whom neither his real name nor the place … Read more

Wizo Prize 2022: Jewish literature rewarded after three years of absence – I24NEWS

Wizo Prize 2022 Jewish literature rewarded after three years of

The books highlight two main principles of Judaism: transmission and teaching. After three years of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was in a warm atmosphere that more than 50 people gathered on Thursday afternoon, on the occasion of the Wizo literary awards ceremony for the year 2022, at the town hall of the … Read more

“Rushdie, the only worthy writer” – Maud Tabachnik, fight writer. By Edith Ochs – Jewish Tribune

Rushdie the only worthy writer Maud Tabachnik fight writer

Salman Rushdie. Photo JOEL SAGET / AFP. 2018 Maud Tabachnik is a combat author, who places the fight against anti-Semitism and homophobia, against machismo and racism high. With her, the survivors do not lay down their arms, they take revenge. Her work includes crime novels, such as the investigations of Lieutenant Sam Goodman and lesbian … Read more

A film on the interaction between Arab and Jewish women selected for the Oscars

A film on the interaction between Arab and Jewish women

The film ‘Cinema Sabaya’ conquered Sunday night’s Ophir ceremony, Israel’s version of the Oscars, winning Best Picture, automatically making it Israel’s selection in the ‘Foreign Film’ category at the 2023 Academy Awards , which will take place in the United States. The film, starring Dana Ivgy, tells the story of eight Arab and Jewish city … Read more

‘Funny Girl’ shunned by Tony Awards, but other award-winning Jewish shows

Funny Girl shunned by Tony Awards but other award winning Jewish

JTA — Overall, Broadway’s big Jewish names haven’t shone as brightly as expected in Tony Award nominations this year. The much-anticipated revival of “Funny Girl,” starring Beanie Feldstein in the role popularized by Barbra Streisand telling the story of pioneering Jewish comedian Fanny Brice, almost left empty-handed, despite Feldstein’s reputation and rewrite from the book … Read more

Joseph Kahn, fifth Jewish patron of the New York Times since 1964

Joseph Kahn fifth Jewish patron of the New York Times

JTA — The New York Times on Tuesday appointed Joseph Kahn as executive director. He is the fifth Jewish journalist to hold the post since it was established in 1964. Kahn is currently editor of Timesand he was favorite to succeed Dean Baquet, who is retiring at the age of 65, as is the custom … Read more

Polly Adler, the Jewish immigrant who ran a brothel during Prohibition

1648225617 Polly Adler the Jewish immigrant who ran a brothel during

Like many early 20th century Eastern European Jewish immigrants to the United States, Polly Adler wanted to do something with her life. And even if her name has been largely forgotten today, she will have made it big – as a great lady of the jazz age. Everyone went to Adler’s in Manhattan in the … Read more

The contribution of the Jewish people in improving and saving humanity

The contribution of the Jewish people in improving and saving

Jewish Link – In the face of anti-Semitism fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, British journalist Tom Gross, a specialist in the Middle East, elaborated and public in 2020 a list of Jews who have contributed to saving humanity. “It shouldn’t be necessary to point it out but in the middle of the antisemitism on and … Read more