Angelina Jolie returns to Iraq to meet the survivors of the 2014 Sinjar genocide

Angelina Jolie returns to Iraq to meet the survivors of

For years Angelina Jolie has wanted to take advantage of her fame to give voice and visibility to social and humanitarian causes. Just over a month ago, the 47-year-old actress and director decided to end more than two decades linked to UNHCR, the organization for refugees dependent on the UN. With them, participated in more … Read more

Gladiator 2 serait maintenant à la recherche d’un casting principal, pourrait commencer la production en mai | Jolie Bobine

Le travail a maintenant commencé sur la suite de longue rumeur du Gladiateur oscarisé. Photos de DreamWorks Le travail aurait maintenant commencé sur la suite de longue rumeur de Gladiator, l’épopée d’épées et de sandales primée aux Oscars avec Russell Crowe. Sorti il ​​y a plus de 20 ans, un suivi de Gladiator est à … Read more

Top 20 des acteurs noirs les plus célèbres de tous les temps | Jolie Bobine

Top 20 des acteurs noirs les plus celebres de tous

C’est un fait connu qu’Hollywood est une grande industrie offrant du travail à de nombreux acteurs en reconnaissant leur talent. Cette industrie était principalement dominée par des acteurs blancs à ses débuts. Les acteurs blancs régnaient sur le grand écran tandis que les Noirs se voyaient attribuer des rôles mineurs. Cependant, il y a eu … Read more

A New Class Of Filmmakers: ABFF and HBO Short Film Award Finalists Bring Their Stories To Life | Black Writers Week | Jolie Bobine

A New Class Of Filmmakers ABFF and HBO Short Film

Sur place à l’ABFF, parlé avec les cinéastes de leurs films et de leurs processus de création. Le film de Sherif Alabede, « Another Country », avec Taylour Paige, est basé sur Natasha Trethewey, lauréate du prix Pulitzer. Garde indigène. Le récit poétique mais obsédant est semi-biographique et raconte l’histoire d’un couple interracial élevant leur enfant … Read more

Angelina Jolie in a tracksuit in a cafe in Ukraine: this surprise appearance that only one person missed

Angelina Jolie in a tracksuit in a cafe in Ukraine

Angelina Jolie made a surprise appearance in a cafe in Lviv, western Ukraine, on Saturday April 30, 2022. Very committed to humanitarian causes, the actress could help Ukrainians. After American actor Sean Penn, it’s Angelina Jolie’s turn to to go to Ukraine to bring its support to the people, daily affected by the Russian strikes. … Read more

Albert of Monaco gives (semi) reassuring news of Charlene; Angie Jolie takes a French lover, Emmanuel Macron a surprise cold shower; Orelsan plays her Willy Wonka, Paris Hilton plays her pussy; Madonna fights for the rights of her ass

Albert of Monaco gives semi reassuring news of Charlene Angie

Charlène wins the majority of People covers, again this week. This week, our weeklies tell us some pretty stories. A bit like Christmas tales in advance: the strings are a little thick, the feelings, syrupy, but you want to believe it. Charlene of Monaco never stops making the front page of People magazines. This time, … Read more

Refusal of the trophy, Angelina Jolie jumps into the water: the Golden Globes in five shock sequences

Refusal of the trophy Angelina Jolie jumps into the water

The history of the award ceremony, the 78th edition of which will take place this Sunday evening in the United States, is paved with moments of anthology. Golden Globes night, which traditionally kicks off Hollywood film awards season, has a reputation for sometimes holding surprises, especially when the stars in formal wear have lightly abused … Read more