Five reasons why little Orpheus is a journey like no other

Five reasons why little Orpheus is a journey like no

Summary The winner Little Orpheus is available today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Journey to the center of the Earth in a side-scrolling adventure inspired by classic films and books. Come face to face with dinosaurs, huge sea creatures and other terrors. It’s time for an epic journey. I am happy to confirm … Read more

Heading to Qatar 2022: the Argentine National Team celebrates 120 years of emotion | A journey through the glorious history of the celestial and white

Today marks the 28th anniversary of the attack on the

The greatest pride of football in Argentina, the National Team, has just celebrated 120 years of glorious history. Although since 1889 there is a history of clashes between Argentines and Uruguayans, in truth these teams were representative of Buenos Aires and Montevideo and not of both countries. The first game in which a team played … Read more

Leaving Home and Starting the Journey: Who Are Migrating to the US and Why?

1656626556 Leaving Home and Starting the Journey Who Are Migrating to

The end of “Remain in Mexico” will be beneficial for those seeking asylum 3:11 (CNN Spanish) — They fear for their lives. They have nothing to eat. They lost everything after the passage of a hurricane. They want to reunite with their relatives. Millions of Latin Americans—especially from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala—leave the … Read more

Caleb Landry Jones Is Phenomenal in “Nitram,” Which Recounts the Journey of a Mass Killer

5:25 p.m., May 10, 2022 It was the electroshock of the Cannes Film Festival 2021. In line withElephant (2003), the Palme d’Or by Gus Van Sant, Nitram, of the Australian Justin Kurzel, caused a strong emotion. The film tells the true story of a massacre in 1996 in Port Arthur (Tasmania) which left 35 dead … Read more

Ely Dagher: “Facing the sea is based on my own journey”

Ely Dagher Facing the sea is based on my own

With his first feature, the Lebanese filmmaker signs a bewitching portrait of Beirut, through the eyes of a returning expatriate camped by the intense Manal Issa. Meet. How was born In front of the sea ? Ely Dagher: After directing the animated short Waves’98 (Palme d’Or du court at Cannes 2015), where we followed a … Read more

Sara Mamani arrives, the name resists, a journey through the history of a complete artist

Sara Mamani arrives the name resists a journey through the

“Sara Mamani, the name resists” is the documentary by Susana Moreira that will premiere this Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the Gaumont Cinema, and that the director defined as a “sincere tribute” to the singer and songwriter from Salta in the different stages of her life and his work. “What attracts me the most about … Read more

Olivia Rodrigo, between the Grammys, her most introspective journey and global fame: “I really want to play in Argentina”

1648208247 Olivia Rodrigo between the Grammys her most introspective journey and

“I got my driver’s license last week like we’ve always talked about, because you were so excited for me, because I was finally going to be able to drive home,” she sings. Olivia Rodrigo on the subject that changed his life: the hit “Drivers License” that he released in January 2021, four months before the … Read more

The House of Islamic Arts takes visitors on a journey through history

The House of Islamic Arts takes visitors on a journey

PARIS: Without being known to literary journalists, and very little to the general public, Mélissa Da Costa sold more than 600,000 books last year: discretion succeeds in this novelist who describes herself as “instinctive”. This former communications officer was the big surprise in the GfK ranking of the ten best-selling authors in France in 2021: … Read more

Journey inside Filarmed, Latin Grammy-winning orchestra

Journey inside Filarmed Latin Grammy winning orchestra

Professional musicians, a new director and the dream of achieving a unique sound are the goals of the Medellín Philharmonic Orchestra. The Medellín Philharmonic (Filarmed) –one of the four professional orchestras in the country– has eighteen violins. In the family of bowed string instruments, the violin is the smallest. Compared to its relatives – the … Read more