Julio Scherer García, the distinguished friend of Comaltepec

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Comaltepec, nestled in the Sierra de Puebla, is proud of two historical facts: its ancestors fought hand-to-hand with the French invader in 1862 and in the classrooms of his small school he taught in the twenties of the last century the Nobel Prize for Literature, Gabriela Mistral. Thanks to the friendship that Julio Scherer García … Read more

What is your secret? Chat with Julio Reyes Copello, producer of the year at the Latin Grammys

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His name is one of the best known and most respected in the music industry. He is a man with a soft but firm personality, which has led him to be one of the most important music producers in the world. The list of artists who have passed through the recording studio of this Colombian … Read more



MULTIPLE GRAMMY AWARD-WINNING PRODUCER JULIO REYES COPELLO LEADS THE OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK OF THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED FEATURE FILM “CUANDO SEA JOVEN” The highly anticipated film, which is distributed in the United States by Pantelion Films, will be released in more than 300 theaters in the United States on September 23, and has an incredible soundtrack composed … Read more

Julio Aro: “Not even dead am I going to abandon my colleagues from Malvinas”

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With the presence of the members of the Malvinas Veterans Association of San Pedro and ex-combatant Julio Aro, the solidarity cooking of craft beer was closed, which through the “No Me Olvides” foundation could be carried out through from a group of local brewers. Aro’s presence in San Pedro enhanced the initiative as he was … Read more

Manolo Daz, el 'Big Boss' de los Latin Grammys, que cre a Los Bravos e impuls a Julio Iglesias: “Cuando el reggaetn pase, Rosala cantar canciones fantsticas”

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Actualizado Martes, 6 septiembre 2022 – 02:41 El cantautor y ejecutivo musical conversa con LOC sobre su carrera, su experiencia y su vida, tras ser diagnosticado con Parkinson. “Estoy dispuesto a luchar”, explica. El cantautor y ejecutivo Manolo Daz en 2022GTRES Para gran parte de la industria, el asturiano Manolo Daz (81) ha sido uno … Read more

Julio Ramón Ribeyro: The author of ‘Gallinazos sin pluma’ was born on a day like today

Julio Ramon Ribeyro The author of Gallinazos sin pluma was

Julio Ramón Ribeyro was a prominent member of the Generation of 50, he explored the story in depth but also delved into the rehearsal or the theater. (Andean) Peru It is a land of innumerable riches of all kinds. But one in which it stands out worldwide is the literature. In addition to Mario Vargas … Read more

Julio Premat: ‘Borges turns his reader into a detective, satisfying his desire for understanding’

Julio Premat Borges turns his reader into a detective satisfying

“The universe (which others call the Library) is made up of an indefinite, and perhaps infinite, number of hexagonal galleries, with vast ventilation shafts in the middle, enclosed by very low railings. From any hexagon you can see the upper and lower floors: endlessly. The distribution of the galleries is invariable”, this is how the … Read more

Efemérides 22 de julio: Que se celebra un día como HOY

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¿Sabías que Willem Defoe es uno de los actores que más fallecimientos tiene en la gran pantalla?, entre las películas que podemos destacar, están Platoon, La Última Tentación de Cristo, Speed 2, Existenz, La Sombra del Vampiro, Spider-Man y El Mexicano. Hoy el actor cumple 68 años. Conoce está y otras efemérides de este 22 … Read more

Efemérides del 21 de julio: ¿qué pasó un día cómo hoy?

1899 – ERNEST HEMINGWAY. Nace en la ciudad de Oak Park (Illinois, EEUU) el escritor y periodista Ernest Hemingway, ganador del Premio Pulitzer de 1953 y el Nobel de Literatura de 1954. Es considerado uno de los más influyentes escritores del siglo XX, destacado por sus novelas El Viejo y el mar y Por quién doblan … Read more