(2nd LD) June Huh becomes the first Korean-born scholar to win the Fields Medal | YONHAP NEWS AGENCY

Palme dor these forgotten directors of the Cannes Film Festival

Helsinki, July 5 (Yonhap) — June Huh, an ethnic Korean American mathematician and professor at Princeton University, was named Tuesday the winner of this year’s Fields Medal, a prestigious international award given to mathematicians under 40 years of age for their achievements in the area. The 39-year-old professor, who also serves as Distinguished Professor of … Read more

Ephemeris of June 28: What is celebrated today in Mexico and the world?

A day like today, but in 1969, the confrontations between the police and the gay clientele of the Stonewall Inn bar in New York prompted the international birth of the movement for homosexual rights. In addition, this day is celebrated the International Day of Lesbian and Gay Pride and World Arbor Day. These are the … Read more

Today’s ephemeris, June 18: This happened in the world on a day like today

On a June 18, but 1981, doctors in San Francisco (CaliforniaUnited States) formally recognize the AIDS epidemic. OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS 1429.- The French led by Joan of Arc They defeat the English army at the Battle of Patay. 1815.- In the battle of waterloo (Belgium) British, Dutch and German troops defeat Napoleon Bonaparte and put an … Read more

Ephemeris of June 17: What is celebrated today in Mexico and the world?

A day like today, but from 1972, fifty years ago, the political scandal of the Watergate, after five men were arrested for trying to spy on the building of that name, headquarters of the Democratic Party in Washington. The following day it is published by The Washington Post without knowing the scope, but the case … Read more

Dupieux, Spider-Man, Viola Davis… What to see on Netflix in June? – Les Inrocks

The collapse of the Sicilian aristocracy, a feminine robbery, a suede jacket with fringes or even a great anime classic, what are the new things not to miss on Netflix. Cheetah by Luchino Visconti (1963) A triumph in Cannes crowned with a Palme d’Or and enjoying immediate critical and public recognition, the large and sumptuous … Read more

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Today’s ephemeris, June 12, 2022. What happened on June 12? – Republica.com

Todays ephemeris June 12 2022 What happened on June 12

Check today’s ephemeris June 12, 2022 and find out who was born, who died and what happened throughout history on a day like today. On a day like today 1964, Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life imprisonment after the Rivonia trial, along with other compatriots accused of sabotage against the State. In 1985, Spain and … Read more

Ephemeris of June 9: What is celebrated today in Mexico and the world?

A day like today, but from 2013, Edward Snowden, a former CIA technician, confesses to having leaked cyber espionage data in the United States. Also this June 9 is celebrated the World Donald Duck Day, International Archives Day and World Judicial Officers Day. These are the ephemeris of June 9 and the Catholic saints. Other … Read more