Kendrick Perkins has invested in the French Bulldog business

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Retired from the prosecutor’s office four years ago and became an analyst for ESPN, Kendrick Perkins doesn’t just talk about basketball in his daily life. The former pivot of the Celtics would have embarked on the breeding of dogs and it works rather well visibly. The oldest remember the rough pivot champion in 2008 with … Read more

MTV Video Music Awards 2015: Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar’s Awards

Nic Claxton and Patty Mills continue in Brooklyn welcome back.octet stream

Like every year at the end of August, MTV has filled the networks with comments about its most followed and commented awards show: The MTV Video Music Awards. The night of August 30 to 31, the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles was filled with familiar faces of American music in the 32nd edition of some … Read more

Kendrick Lamar: Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers | Our emotions in front of so many emotions

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five years later DAMN.which won him a Pulitzer Prize, Kendrick Lamar is back with an 18-song double album, Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers. Our journalists Marissa Groguhé and Pascal Leblanc listened to it and discussed it together on Friday. Posted May 14 Marissa Groguhe The Press Pascal LeBlanc The Press Our first impressions of … Read more

Kendrick Lamar, or the story of a king (of rap) who never stops triumphing

Kendrick Lamar has been back since May 13, with an album as committed as it is intimate, Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers. The opportunity to look back on the career of the self-proclaimed “king of rap” and who breathed new life into American rap. He shared the Super Bowl stage alongside the big names … Read more

Intimate and complex, the latest Kendrick Lamar is a new success

Thu 26 May 2022 For his return, Kendrick Lamar did very well. His new album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers achieves the best first week of record sales in the United States of all genres so far in 2022, surpassing previous holders of this title, Future and Bad Bunny, whose albums have been released … Read more

Kendrick Lamar triumphs at the MTV Video Music Awards

Kendrick Lamar triumphs at the MTV Video Music Awards

MEXICO CITY, August 28 (AlMomentoMX).- American rapper Kendrick Lamar triumphed at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), winning five statuettes, including the coveted award for best video of the year for “HUMBLE.” Lamar, on the rise thanks to his latest album DAMN, also took home awards for Best Special Effects, Best Art Direction, Best Direction … Read more

What a Pulitzer Prize Means for Kendrick Lamar

Music It is a historic award. Kendrick Lamar is the first rapper to win the Pulitzer Prize in the music category, usually awarded to artists of classical or jazz music. DAMN, Kendrick Lamar strikes again. The American rapper was awarded this Monday, April 16 by the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in the music category for his … Read more

Box office of culture: Kendrick Lamar, rapper apart?

Welcome to the Box Office, the show’s weekly meeting place Soft Power. Every week, we peel the trends of the culture and the biggest successes of the moment. In partnership with the GfK study institute for books and video games and CBO Box Office for the cinema. A “Mirror” all in poetry by Kendrick Lamar … Read more

Rapper Kendrick Lamar mixes introspection and social criticism

After five years of silence, Californian rapper Kendrick Lamar, who has become one of the soundtracks of the Black Lives Matter movement, publishes “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers”. A dense fifth album where social criticism rubs shoulders with a strong introspective part. At 34, Kendrick Lamar is already one of the greatest voices in … Read more