Who is Bizarrap, the successful Argentine producer who is breaking it next to Shakira – KESQ

Who is Bizarrap the successful Argentine producer who is breaking

Rocio Muñoz-Ledo (CNN Spanish) – With sportswear, sunglasses and a cap with the letters BZRP engraved, the Argentine Gonzalo Julián Conde has become the most acclaimed Spanish-speaking music producer: Bizarrap. His music sessions are a well-known format that often go viral on social media and the latest one, #53, which he launched alongside Colombian singer … Read more

Pakistan court frees convicted rapist after reaching ‘agreement’ to marry his victim – KESQ

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Melissa Velasquez Loaiza Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) A Pakistani court on Monday freed a convicted rapist after it was “agreed” that he would marry his victim, his lawyer said, angering human rights activists who say the ruling it risks normalizing sexual violence in the South Asian country. Daulat Khan, 23, was convicted in May of raping … Read more

Thinking like biologists and designing like architects: this is how the National Biodiversity Pavilion of Mexico was built – KESQ

The battle for the metaverse gaming brands and crypto communities

Angela Reyes Haczek (CNN Spanish) – “Thinking like biologists”: that was the challenge of the architects who designed the new National Biodiversity Pavilion in Mexico City, explained to CNN Fernanda Ahumada, one of the professionals who participated in the project that now houses the “most important” collection in Latin America in terms of biodiversity. The … Read more

At 95, Ángela Álvarez is nominated for a Latin Grammy in the Best New Artist category: “My dream is to leave this life knowing that somehow my music would last” – KESQ

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

Marysabel E. Huston-Crespo (CNN Spanish) – Ángela Álvarez’s dream began to be written 80 years ago. As a teenager, when she was between 14 and 15 years old, she told her father that she wanted to be a singer. However, her dream was frustrated by the customs or visions of the time in her native … Read more

Kanye West’s controversies: from his failed presidential bid to his anti-Semitic comments – KESQ

The battle for the metaverse gaming brands and crypto communities

Angela Reyes Haczek (CNN Spanish) – “Kanye West, in the middle of a controversy.” It doesn’t matter when you read this. The popular rapper is in the eye of the storm after some anti-Semitic comments that cost him harsh criticism and the loss of valuable contracts, but the truth is that this is just the … Read more

¿Cuánto dinero van a poder ahorrar los ciudadanos con el Inflation Reduction Act? – KESQ

The battle for the metaverse gaming brands and crypto communities

Ángela Reyes Haczek (CNN Español) — El proyecto de Ley de Reducción de la Inflación, una legislación de US$ 750.000 millones con definiciones sobre el sistema de salud, el clima y los impuestos, ya tiene la luz verde del Senado y se dirige a la Cámara de Representantes. Pese a su nombre, los expertos no … Read more

“The president did not listen to the opposition,” says Roy Barreras after booing Duque in Congress – KESQ

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Angela Reyes (CNN Spanish) – President Iván Duque “did not listen to the opposition” as established in the statutes, said Senator Roy Barreras in reference to the boos that the president received while giving his last speech during the inauguration of the new Colombian Congress that he presides. In an interview with Jennifer Montoya of … Read more

Gustavo Petro gana las elecciones en Colombia con más del 50% de votos y será el próximo presidente del país – KESQ

CNNEE (CNN Español) — Gustavo Petro, candidato presidencial por el Pacto Histórico,  ganó las elecciones en la segunda vuelta presidencial de este domingo en Colombia. Petro y su fórmula vicepresidencial, Francia Márquez, alcanzaron más del 50% de los votos con el 99,45% de las mesas escrutadas. Petro venció así a su contrincante, Rodolfo Hernández, y … Read more

¿Quiénes son BTS? Origen, miembros, canciones más famosas y por qué son tan populares – KESQ

Alejandra Ramos (CNN Español) — Cuando BTS lanzó su video musical debut “No More Dream” en junio de 2013, no era obvio que serían una historia de éxito del K-pop en Estados Unidos. Pero, ¿cómo logró este grupo surcoreano el reconocimiento mundial? ¿Quiénes son los miembros de BTS y cuál es origen del grupo? BTS … Read more

Why the fashion world has a toe fetish – KESQ

Alexandra Ferguson (CNN) – During last January’s Paris Fashion Week couture shows, luxury fashion house Schiaparelli unveiled an instantly adored new collection of golden corsets, cosmos-inspired designs and dramatic black and white silhouettes. But each runway look was offset by a curious detail: a pair of black sneakers with dagger-shaped gold nails (dubbed “couture claws” … Read more