Armed to kill, shocking lack of preparation to save lives

Armed to kill shocking lack of preparation to save lives

MADRID, Spain – In a world armed to kill, with military powers spending nearly two trillion dollars on weapons in 2020, the lack of preparation to save the lives of the millions of unarmed people and victims is scandalous. innocent civilians left behind by wars, among other human-caused catastrophes. Data on military spending Stockholm International … Read more

“The police kill”: after the words of Philippe Poutou, the fear of an “overbidding”

The police kill after the words of Philippe Poutou the

“The police kill, obviously the police kill.” The words of Philippe Poutou, presidential candidate, did not fail to react. The day after his interview with our colleagues at France Info, Gérald Darmanin immediately replied by filing a complaint for “public insult”. These remarks are “insulting and unworthy of an elected representative of the Republic” assures … Read more

“The police kill”, “she is dangerous” according to the anti-capitalist Poutou, Darmanin files a complaint

The police kill she is dangerous according to the anti capitalist

Questioned by France Info, the elected anti-capitalist Philippe Poutou estimated that the police were “dangerous” for young people “from working-class neighborhoods”, of which about fifteen would be killed each year. Gérald Darmanin announced to file a complaint. Guest on the France Info set on October 13, Philippe Poutou, candidate of the New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) … Read more