Broker: theft of babies in South Korea

The famous abandoned baby boxes finally gave rise to a “Broker” film by Japanese director Kore-eda Hirokazu with a choice cast. Judge: Song Kang-ho, Bae Doona, Lee Ji-eun and Gang Dong-won. Funded by CJ Entertainment, the film was in selection at the last Cannes Film Festival but came back empty-handed. We will see why. * … Read more

Cannes 2022: South Korea flies Saturday night with the awards for best actor, best director – Blog du Démocrat

South Korea’s film industry added to a string of global victories on Saturday by winning two key awards at the Cannes Film Festival for a pair of beloved veterans. Star filmmaker Park Chan-wook nabbed the best director award for his erotic crime film ‘Decision To Leave’, while Song Kang-ho, best known for his role in … Read more

Cannes: South Korea monopolizes the red carpet

(AFP) – Revealed by “Old Boy”, Park Chan-wook returns to Cannes on Monday with the long-awaited “Decision to leave” in a festival where South Korea is very present via in particular “Hunt”, directed by the actor of “Squid Game”, another visiting card of the country. South Korea exports itself culturally. K-Pop is driven by its … Read more

“South Korea, by targeting youth, has been shaking up global pop culture for twenty years”

Emmanuel Macron, to emphasize that youth is a goal, celebrated his victory by marching with children. How to seduce this fragmented and contradictory youth, many of whom have deserted the polls, out of disinterest or hostility? Let us recommend to the re-elected president a wonderful book: K-pop. Soft power and global culture (PUF, 324 pages, … Read more

Seen from Seoul. In 2022, the streaming battle is being played out in South Korea

The colossal success of the series Squid Game only precipitated the rush of major streaming platforms on South Korean productions. Hankyoreh, a Seoul daily, analyzes the repercussions of this enthusiasm on the market and local players. Netflix had however had a rather soft start in South Korea. The streaming platform only had between 60,000 and … Read more

Squid Game, BTS, Parasite … Here’s why we love everything from Korea

If the series Squid Game made it clear to those who did not yet know that South Korea has a formidable claim in the field of entertainment, she also reminds us that the land of calm morning began several years ago a policy of deploying its culture internationally. A well-crafted organization, and which we have … Read more

Squid Game, K-pop or space rocket, South Korea orchestrates its international influence

TV series, music, cooking, new technologies or the economy, South Korea is currently shining brightly. It must be said that the authorities are betting a lot on this new international reputation to exist against the neighboring giants. South Korea’s Samsung-branded phones have long been known, making the country the world’s largest smartphone and chip maker. … Read more

After its quiet rise, South Korea wants to be among the powerful

Reading time: 7 min South Korea is no longer the small Asian country it was twenty years ago. It was then successfully emerging from underdevelopment and seeking to reconnect with some of its imperial roots. In 1993, before France managed to pass a contract for the construction of a TGV to Korea, François Mitterrand had … Read more