Interview with Mike Kroeger (Nickelback): “I don’t listen to the music we make unless I’m playing it”

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On the occasion of the release of his new album, ‘Get Rollin”We have had the opportunity to speak with mike croegerguitarist of nickelback. You can watch the interview above. One of the great hot spots of the talk came when our colleague Saul asked him how the songs came about: “At first with Chad. He … Read more

Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) and the latest controversy of Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden): “This is how concerts are”

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In a new interview with loudwire, chad croegerfrontman of nickelbackhas expressed his opinion on the last row he had Bruce Dickinsonhis counterpart from Iron Maiden, on stage. as you may remember, the englishman started yelling at a fan who was smoking weed during his show. In Kroeger’s case, he prefers that you blow smoke in … Read more