The dominant economic current, as pseudoscience, leads us to the abyss

1659600763 The dominant economic current as pseudoscience leads us to the

Mainstream economists have become a serious problem for society. Some of his proposals, ideas, recipes or economic policy recommendations show a degree of psychopathy difficult to find in other professions. This comes as a result of certain tweets made by the former International Monetary Fund economist, Olivier Blanchard, the same one who in May 2008 … Read more

Taylor Swift leads MTV Video Music Awards nominations

Taylor Swift leads the nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards. There are nine categories in which Calvin Harris’s girlfriend competes, including “Best Video of the Year”, for his successful song “Bad Blood”, in which celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, Jessica Alba, Cara Delevingne and several appear. plus. They also compete for the … Read more

Oscars 2022: “The Power of the Dog” leads the race, find all the nominations

Oscars 2022 The Power of the Dog leads the race

The film The Power of the Dogby Jane Campion, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, leads the race for the 94th edition of the Oscars with 12 nominations in total, announced on Tuesday February 8 the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which presents the prestigious awards. . Dark and psychological Western, The Power of the … Read more

“Paradise”: the criticism of Abdulrazak Gurnah’s book that leads us to meet the new Nobel Prize for Literature

1642944955 Paradise the criticism of Abdulrazak Gurnahs book that leads us

According to the criteria of Know more In October last year, the Swedish Academy caught the world’s cultural press off guard. It was rumored that the 2021 Nobel Prize it could fall on an African writer, and the great favorite was the Kenyan Ngugi wa Thiong’o, a fierce narrator who denounced the disasters caused by … Read more

Lumières 2022: Lost Illusions leads the nominations ahead of Titanium

1642602023 Lumieres 2022 Lost Illusions leads the nominations ahead of Titanium

Marine de Guilhermier –Journalist Passionate about the big and the small screen and fascinated by actors, Marine has very eclectic tastes. She nevertheless has a preference for American cinema and devours everything that passes her eyes, from the huge blockbuster to the smallest independent film. “Lost Illusions” tops the nominations for the Lumières 2022, followed … Read more

Jon Batiste. The 35-year-old musician and dancer who leads the nominations of the next Grammys, with 11 nominations

1641646856 Jon Batiste The 35 year old musician and dancer who leads the

It’s early morning in Harlem, New York. Jon Batiste aims for the stars with his melodic, an instrument that mixes keyboard and harmonica that he never lets go of. March through the streets with Madonna. The artist, who now calls herself Madame X for her new album and documentary, chose the best partner. Batiste makes … Read more

Olivia Rodrigo leads American Music Awards nominations

Olivia Rodrigo leads American Music Awards nominations

THE ANGELS – Olivia Rodrigo tops the list of nominees for the American Music Awards the first year she’s eligible. The popularity of the Disney actress and singer-songwriter exploded with hits from her 2021 debut album “Sour,” which earned her seven AMA nominations, including artist of the year and best new artist. The awards ceremony … Read more

Love breakup leads Mares to the Latin Grammy

Love breakup leads Mares to the Latin Grammy

MEXICO CITY – MEXICO CITY (AP) – Sometimes the pain goes away, other times it leads to the Latin Grammys. This is what happened to the Mexican singer-songwriter Marco Mares, who thanks to his EP “Band-Aids” is measured this Thursday for the coveted award for best new artist. The production, her third after the 2019 … Read more

Camilo Echeverry leads the list of Latin Grammy nominees

A constellation of artists will parade in the Latin Grammy Awards who this Thursday return to Las Vegas for their first face-to-face ceremony in two years, with Camilo Echeverry as the Colombian artist with the most nominations in this music competition. Salsero Rubén Blades, who this Wednesday will be honored with the Person of the … Read more