Cajal Year will spread the work and legacy of the researcher throughout the territory

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The Government of Aragon and the City Council of Huesca join forces to lhe celebration of the 170th anniversary of the birth of Santiago Ramón y Cajal with an extensive program of initiatives and culture that will be developed throughout this year and the following. With this programming, both institutions want to take advantage of … Read more

Javier Marías left without the Nobel: writers remember his literary legacy

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A few hours after the news of the death of Javier Marias writer cimbrara on Sunday, September 11 at world literary Spanish Americanwriter and former war reporter Arturo Perez-Reverte wrote in his account Twitter: “That Javier Marias have died without him reward laureate it detracts a lot from the category reward laureate”. Also later in … Read more

They show an audiovisual short in tribute to the legacy of Gabriela Mistral in Mexico

They show an audiovisual short in tribute to the legacy

The work highlights the relevant task carried out by the Nobel Prize for Literature in the Aztec country where she left an indelible mark. The influence of Gabriela Mistral in Chili It is very noticeable especially in our region where special emphasis has been placed on disseminating his work. However, the poet not only contributed … Read more

Laguna feathers recognize the legacy of Elena Poniatowska after her tribute

Elena Poniatowska (Paris, 1932), appeared on the stage of the Palace of Fine Arts last Thursday, May 19. The venue was an agglomeration of deafening applause. The writer celebrated her 90th birthday and the country paid tribute to her. Her white dress matched her hair and smile, which was incessantly written on her face. Her … Read more

The millionaire legacy of rock legends

1647563500 The millionaire legacy of rock legends

The last December, Bruce Springsteen sold all his music catalog and publishing rights for 500 million dollars to the record company sony musicsurpassing the figure reached a year before by bob dylanfor which music legacy the company Universal Music He paid close to 400 million dollars. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here Two rock legendsat … Read more

The legacy of the president emeritus of the Latin Academy is immortalized at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles

1646591217 The legacy of the president emeritus of the Latin Academy

In 2019, in collaboration with The Latin Academy, the Grammy Museum renovated its third floor to expand the Latin-themed exhibits and showcase the impact of Latin music, which is a growing influence in the world. At that time we had the opportunity to virtually accompany the singer Marco Antonio Solís, who inaugurated an area dedicated … Read more

Fernández leaves an indelible legacy in Mexican music

Fernandez leaves an indelible legacy in Mexican music

MEXICO CITY – MEXICO CITY (AP) – With his powerful voice Vicente Fernández immortalized songs like “El rey”, “Volver, Volver” and “Pity that you are alien” and positioned himself as one of the maximum representatives of ranchera music and mariachi, selling more than 50 million records and inspiring new generations of performers like his son … Read more

Learn about the social legacy that Nelson Mandela left to Humanity

Learn about the social legacy that Nelson Mandela left to

Nelson Rlihlahla Mandela was born in 1918 in Mvezo, South Africa, and his activism and political leadership focused on the fight for racial equality in his country. ALSO READ: The 5 life lessons to learn from Nelson Mandela From a young age, he experienced injustices and human rights abuses due to racial segregation, which is … Read more