Black Panther: Letitia Wright has good news for MCU fans, but it won’t please Marvel

Black Panther Letitia Wright has good news for MCU fans

After the success of the first two parts of the saga Black Panther, it is difficult to see how Marvel Studios would not develop a third opus of the license. Letitia Wright, the actress who plays Shuri, the little sister of T’Challa, heroine of the second film, has just confirmed, in half words, that Black … Read more

British Independent Film Awards: 25 Years Of Being ‘Trends’, ‘Guinea Pigs’ And Giving Top Honors To Florence Pugh, Letitia Wright (And More) – Deadline

This is how the red carpet of the MTV Video

At the first British Independent Film Awards in 1998, among the nominees for Best British Independent Film was lock, reserve and two smoking barrels, the directorial debut of a young Guy Ritchie and a film that propelled him (along with Jason Statham and producer Matthew Vaughn) straight into the big leagues. It was Ritchie’s first … Read more