Blas Cantó: “I’m tired of singing without gender, in The Good Ends Badly I sing to a boy because I feel like it and I talk about my life because it’s mine”

Blas Canto Im tired of singing without gender in The

On the other hand, there is the promotion and social networks that are so much in demand today. It’s really hard for me, I don’t understand the Instagram algorithm, I’m lousy at TikTok and I’ve also never paid attention to numbers, not even at the bank. There are times when I feel a bit ridiculous, … Read more

Jack Lang: “The Music Festival, the greatest stage fright of my life”

Jack Lang The Music Festival the greatest stage fright of

ALGIERS: The first residence of the great French couturier, Yves Mathieu-Saint-Laurent, known as Yves Saint Laurent, born on August 1, 1936 in Oran in Algeria at the time of French colonization, will soon open its doors to visitors. An Algerian entrepreneur by the name of Mohammed Affane has bought the family home in which the … Read more

A New Class Of Filmmakers: ABFF and HBO Short Film Award Finalists Bring Their Stories To Life | Black Writers Week | Jolie Bobine

A New Class Of Filmmakers ABFF and HBO Short Film

Sur place à l’ABFF, parlé avec les cinéastes de leurs films et de leurs processus de création. Le film de Sherif Alabede, « Another Country », avec Taylour Paige, est basé sur Natasha Trethewey, lauréate du prix Pulitzer. Garde indigène. Le récit poétique mais obsédant est semi-biographique et raconte l’histoire d’un couple interracial élevant leur enfant … Read more

Jean-Louis Trintignant, a life and a career in pictures

Voice recognizable among all, magnetic presence tinged with melancholy: Jean-Louis Trintignant, who died Friday at the age of 91, led an immense career in theater and cinema for half a century, from “And God… created woman” to “Love”. Entered the history of cinema with “A man and a woman” by Claude Lelouch – Palme d’or … Read more

Yukio Mishima: how one of the greatest Japanese writers of the 20th century was saved from the army and the ritual with which he took his own life

1655269752 Yukio Mishima how one of the greatest Japanese writers of

yukio mishima was a Japanese novelist, poet and playwright. Considered one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, he was characterized by mixing the tradition of his culture with modern aesthetics in his texts. Sex, death and political changes are some of the issues addressed by whoever was a candidate for the Nobel Prize … Read more

Kelly McGillis (Top Gun): the tragedy that changed her life – X Gossip

As the second part of Top Gun, maverick, difficult not to have a thought for the one who played the instructor Charlie Blackwood, in the 1986 film, Kelly McGillis. Far from the spotlight, the actress is living happy days and finally seems to have made peace with a terrible traumatic past. A face of an … Read more

The contribution of negotiation to quality of life

The contribution of negotiation to quality of life

Negotiation and the peaceful solution of problems and differences have been evaluated in many ways, cultures such as Iceland, New Zealand, Denmark, among others, can be observed, where citizens have as a primary mechanism to find peaceful ways to maintain their coexistence, using the negotiation, mediation or conciliation as your first option. Among the benefit … Read more

Jimena Barón turns 35: the most important milestones that marked the course of her life

Jimena Baron turns 35 the most important milestones that marked

Jimena Baron J MENA, artist, The Cobra. This is how it is defined Jimena Baron on her Instagram profile, a social network in which she has almost six million followers, with whom she shares part of her work and professional routine on a daily basis, and also about raising her son morrisoneight years old, as … Read more