The lithium battery turns 50, although its history could have been a very different one

Stanley Whittinghamwho received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2019 for the invention of the lithium battery together with john goodenough Y Akira Yoshinoit only took him three months to develop the concept of the lithium battery that has changed the world in the fall of 1972. At the age of 31 and educated at … Read more

Lithium in conflict: a tragedy of the commons in the Argentine Northwest?

Chako Norairo a new anniversary of the end of

Let’s take a small step back and remember why lithium is so required today. One of the vectors to mitigate climate change is to reduce transport emissions: there are electric vehicles that have mineral as a critical input in lithium ion batteries. It is estimated that the demand for the resource will multiply between 10 … Read more

Approved US$ 190 million for the Rincón lithium project

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

August 14, 2022 – 00:46 The funds will be invested in an initial plant of 3,000 tons per year. The electrical infrastructure and an airstrip will also be built. Rincón, one of the most advanced mining projects in the Puna of Salta, received a decisive boost from the Rio Tinto board, which has just approved … Read more

Lithium batteries are in the eye of the storm: are they so dangerous?

By Mario Minervino / The battery of a motorcycle that explodes in the middle of the night inside an apartment and causes a tragedy in the neighborhood of La Recoleta, a cell phone that catches fire while its owner charges it under a pillow. Two isolated facts but that set off an alarm, considering … Read more

The monitoring of lithium by X-rays in a metal-lithium battery allows to extend its useful life

1648031159 The monitoring of lithium by X rays in a metal lithium battery

The pure lithium metal it is a promising replacement for the graphite-based anodes currently used in electric vehicle batteries. Its use could greatly reduce the weight of batteries, considerably extending the autonomy of electric vehicles compared to existing technologies. But before lithium metal batteries can be used in electric cars, scientists must first figure out … Read more

Evo Morales denounced that the coup in Bolivia was driven by interest in lithium

Evo Morales denounced that the coup in Bolivia was driven

Morales was able to leave Bolivia on November 11, 2019, a day after leaving power forced by the military and police forces and by the Central Obrera Boliviana after the Organization of American States (OAS) made a false complaint about an alleged fraud in the result of the elections of October of that year, in … Read more

Hydrocarbons and lithium, our present / Antonio Gershenson

Hydrocarbons and lithium our present Antonio Gershenson

Mexico City. In a new stage for the fight for energy sovereignty, the idea is to take control of the national mines. The issue returns to the executive and legislative agendas. The importance of lithium, as a strategic energy source, is a way towards the optimal use of the resource, that is, without wasting it … Read more