“He who watches”, by Louise Erdrich: a deceptive freedom

1642000208 He who watches by Louise Erdrich a deceptive freedom

American writer Louise Erdrich. JEAN-LUC BERTINI/PASCO “He who watches” (The Night Watchman), by Louise Erdrich, translated from English (United States) by Sarah Durcel, Albin Michel, “Terres d’Amérique”, 560 p., €24, digital €16. A 5 cent piece is what his father used to give him. When Louise Erdrich was little, in the country of the Chippewa … Read more

American poet Louise Glück wins the Nobel Prize for Literature

American poet Louise Gluck wins the Nobel Prize for Literature

By Anna Ringstrom, Simon Johnson STOCKHOLM, Oct 8 (Reuters) – American poet Louise Glück won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature for a work that explores family and childhood with an unmistakable poetic voice that, with stark beauty, makes individual existence universal, “said the Thursday the Swedish Academy. Former United States President Barack Obama presents … Read more