On World Whiskey Day, William Faulkner and his love of drinking

1653165577 On World Whiskey Day William Faulkner and his love of

(Getty Images) William Faulkner He was a narrator, chronicler of facts, customs and characters and one of the most influential writers of his generation; However, he was also a highly criticized character, among other things, for his problems with alcohol. The writer was pointed out alcoholic and he had problems with drinking throughout his life, … Read more

Axel presented his new single “Somos lo que fue”, a mature way of seeing love

Axel presented his new single Somos lo que fue a

The singer released the song that will be part of his new album planned for 2022 After streaming on InfobaeAxel presented “We are what we were”, a love song, clear, deep and simple. It is a ballad that goes through the different types of love and the different stages in a song that since its … Read more

Cannes 2022: festivals and platforms: I love you, me neither

On the steps of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, we could have seen Marilyn Monroe this year. Or at least the actress who plays her, Ana de Armas, in Andrew Dominik’s new film, Blonde hair. Thierry Frémaux liked it, but the feature film is produced by Netflix, and the artistic delegate of Cannes cannot … Read more

Film scandal at Cannes in 2019, where is Mektoub my love: Intermezzo by Abdellatif Kechiche?

The director had caused controversy with his very raw composition of an evening in a nightclub. So much so that it still hasn’t been released in theaters. “Appalling”, “abyssal void”, “shipwreck”: at the end of the Cannes session in 2019, Mektoub my love: Intermezzo left no one unmoved. The film outraged part of the public … Read more

Mektoub My Love: the sequels to Kechiche’s film will probably never be released in cinemas

La Vie dAdele Lea Seydoux puts a layer on the

After the scandal Mektoub My Loveits sequel Mektoub My Love: Intermezzo which rocked the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, has still not been released, but why? If we are still wondering which films selected at Cannes 2022 will be likely to shock the public this year, The Crimes of the Future of Cronenberg being well … Read more

The Belgians in Cannes, a love story that lasts…

For decades, Belgian cinema has been part of the richness of the Festival’s prize lists. If we “forget” the van Groeningen, Dardenne and other Dhont, already named this year, Cannes à la sauce belge, it is also: 1988: “The Black Work” by André Delvaux In 1988, one of the most anticipated films of the year … Read more

Has the Cannes Film Festival fallen in love with gore?

After the coronation of blood Titanium, Cut! which opens the festivities and Future Crimes will test the nerves of the Croisette. One year after the Palme d’Or in Titanium cyberpunk bomb, bloody and without taboo, David Cronenberg promises in competition to dissect living human beings: has the Cannes Film Festival fallen in love with gore? … Read more

Alain Delon and Dalida: story of a hidden love

HASn the mid-1950s, Alain Delon and Dalida were still unknown, two ambitious young people who dreamed of breaking into the capital of all possibilities… The brunette Iolanda Gigliotti left Egypt with a few meager luggage, a title of Miss Egypt, a few small roles in films, and the firm intention of imposing its oriental charm … Read more

“Medellín, I love you”: Madonna’s affection for the city of eternal spring grows more and more

Medellin I love you Madonnas affection for the city of

Madonna, known throughout the world as heto Queen of Pop, 64 years old, has always been controversial for the eccentric performances in his concerts around the planet and recently he has made a lot of noise in Colombia for accompanying Maluma in his last concert. The event took place in Medellín, the capital of the … Read more

Camila Cabello Only Auditioned For ‘X Factor’ Because She Wanted To Fall In Love With Harry Styles

Camila Cabello Only Auditioned For X Factor Because She Wanted

Camila Cabello is one of the biggest names in pop music today, with hits like “Havana” and “Don’t Go Yet” under her belt. The singer started The X FactorBut did you know that fellow musician Harry Styles helped her audition for the reality show? Camila Cabello’s crush on Harry Styles led her to her ‘X … Read more