PHOTOS – The funeral of Elizabeth II, the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, the slap of Will Smith, a look back at these 100 photos that marked 2022 – Gala

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

The countdown begins. In a few hours, a page is about to turn. 2022 will bow out to make way for 2023. And looking back, the past 365 days have been eventful. Once is not custom, nothing has escaped the photographers’ lenses, present at the smallest political and historical events. But if you had to … Read more

Jon Batiste, virtuoso pianist, will play for Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

Virtuoso pianist, but also singer, multi-instrumentalist, civil rights activist and Oscar-winning composer, this musical genius is only 36 years old, but he has already recorded with the biggest stars of American song, from Stevie Wonder to Prince, to country legend Willie Nelson. This is an artist who transcends generations; Jon Batiste’s music inspires and brings … Read more

Macron will receive Vargas Llosa to make him an “immortal” of the French Academy

Macron will receive Vargas Llosa to make him an immortal

Mario Vargas Llosa won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010 (Andina) french president Emmanuel Macron will receive this Thursday the Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosaas well as the French writer Antoine Compagnon. This is the next step for both elected members before being enthroned in the French Academy. Vargas Llosa Y Compagnon will be … Read more

LIVE – Macron dampens kyiv’s hopes of quick EU membership, Putin says Russian army defends “fatherland”

5:16 Biden fears Putin can’t find a way out of the war US President Joe Biden has expressed concern that Russian President Vladimir Putin has no way out of the war in Ukraine, several US media report, including the Reuters news agency. 4:24 Special Pulitzer Prize for Ukrainian Journalists Ukrainian journalists are being awarded a … Read more

War in Ukraine: in Berlin, Macron and Scholz say their “full support” for the Ukrainians in front of the Brandenburg Gate

War in Ukraine in Berlin Macron and Scholz say their

22:35 This is the end of this live! Thank you for following us, meet us tomorrow so you don’t miss any news about the war in Ukraine. 22:25 A special Pulitzer Prize for Ukrainian journalists Ukrainian journalists are being awarded a special Pulitzer Prize for their “courage” in covering Russia’s invasion of their country, the … Read more

Annie Ernaux: “Macron has provoked a feeling of abandonment in part of the population”

Annie Ernaux Macron has provoked a feeling of abandonment in

The writer annie ernauxwho recovers in Spain one of his first titles, the empty cabinetsconsiders that the re-elected president of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, is partly responsible for “a feeling of abandonment” on the part of the population of his country. “What explains these elections is really the political system, the way political life … Read more

DIRECT. Presidential 2022: Emmanuel Macron expected in Le Havre to talk about ecology, Marine Le Pen in Vaucluse

1649921304 DIRECT Presidential 2022 Emmanuel Macron expected in Le Havre to

Find here all of our live #PRESIDENTIELLE 09:24 : Let’s take a look at the news: A trip dedicated to ecology for Emmanuel Macron in Le Havre, the first big meeting of the between-two-towers in Avignon for Marine Le Pen: the two presidential finalists go back to the front in a campaign waged at full … Read more

Operation palaver of Macron, selection of the Oscars, omicron slows down the recovery, French gold at the Olympics … The news of this Tuesday

Operation palaver of Macron selection of the Oscars omicron slows

News From Moscow to Kiev, Macron maintains the dialogue. Traveling to Kiev on Tuesday the day after his Moscow dinner with his Russian counterpart, Emmanuel Macron said he had received guarantees from Putin so that there would be no additional military “escalation”. He assured to see “concrete solutions” to the Russian-Western crisis linked to Ukraine. … Read more

Presidential 2022: Macron, Le Pen, Zemmour, polls of January voting intentions

Presidential 2022 Macron Le Pen Zemmour polls of January voting

More than four months before the holding of the presidential election in France. If the various teams around the candidates are working to gain the favor of voters on April 24, it is difficult to say who will be elected for the moment. To find some clues, we gathered data provided by Ipsos, Ifop and … Read more