Sweet madness and poetry and punk: Scandinavian cinema in the spotlight on Filmo

1642101780 Sweet madness and poetry and punk Scandinavian cinema in the

Scandinavian cinema counts among its representatives some of the greatest active filmmakers. This is an opportunity to pay tribute to them, with Filmo. Willingly caricatured as an airtight cinema, not really funny, even authorizing to the extreme, just good enough to stimulate the cerebral hemispheres of Parisian spectators downing quinoa. Except that on the contrary, … Read more

I tested the Fellini museum in Rimini … and it lacks a bit of madness

1640873823 I tested the Fellini museum in Rimini and it lacks

The city of Rimini has just inaugurated a museum in honor of the Maestro, his darling child. A large complex with a sublime museography but a little too wise and lacking in flesh. In short, not Fellinian enough. All over the floor, stencils proclaim its openness. Ten years since the project of the first Fellini … Read more

The electoral madness of Peru, portrayed in a book by journalist Diego Salazar

Putin says Russian Nobel laureate wont be declared foreign agent

This content was published on 24 November 2021 – 17:06 24 November 2021 – 17:06 Fernando Gimeno Lima, Nov 24 (EFE) .- The extreme polarization and political tension experienced in Peru during its last elections, with a country divided into two halves until now irreconcilable and a media that renounced impartiality, has been included in … Read more

Jean-Baptiste Del Amo winner of the Fnac novel prize for “The son of man”, a dark novel about the madness of a father

1636282335 Jean Baptiste Del Amo winner of the Fnac novel prize for

The novelist Jean-Baptiste Del Amo once again marks the literary re-entry. After A libertine education (2009), Goncourt of the first novel, and Animal Kingdom (2016), Inter Book Prize 2017, the 39-year-old novelist wins with The son of the man, published on August 19 by Gallimard editions, the prize for the novel Fnac, which traditionally opens … Read more