The 40th anniversary of Gabo’s Nobel Prize will be commemorated with a festival in Bogotá | | Modern digital magazine.

The 40th anniversary of Gabos Nobel Prize will be commemorated

The tenth edition of the Gabo Festival will be held from October 21 to 23 at the Modern Gymnasium, in the capital. Next October 21 marks the fortieth anniversary of the announcement, by the Swedish Academy, of the Nobel Prize for Literature for our admired cataquero writer Gabriel García Márquez, who was to receive it … Read more

The strange look of the sailboats of the Golden Globe Race – Yachting Art Magazine

The strange look of the sailboats of the Golden Globe

When you look at a Rusltler 36, an Endurance 35, a Tradewind 35 or any other boat on the reduced list of sailboats admitted to the race, and you compare its speed to that of a sailboat of the same size, of current production, we are struck by one thing: These sailboats, built before 1988, … Read more

“The city of clouds and birds” by Anthony Doerr: the book in transmission – Benzine Magazine

The city of clouds and birds by Anthony Doerr the

Revealed by the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for All the light we can’t see, Anthony Doerr returns seven years later with a dizzying novel. The story of an ancient manuscript, object of transmission between eras, in an ode to the world of books and the imagination. © Deborah Hardee standing They have the same initials, have … Read more

Edition Lammerhuber: Goran Tomašević – The Eye of Photography Magazine

The battle for the metaverse gaming brands and crypto communities

Goran Tomasevic is a living legend. He not only survived in conflict zones for 30 years, but he also mastered the art of photography, interpreting the world in the most humanistic way, following in the footsteps of Robert Capa and James Nachtwey. This powerful and terrible book conveys a Dantesque vision of our humanity. The … Read more

Women, Reason and Future Collection was presented at FILEM – Zócalo Magazine

Women Reason and Future Collection was presented at FILEM

· This editorial effort of the UAEMéx and the Editorial Board of the State Public Administration is made up, so far, of 13 titles of short stories, poetry, essays and dramaturgy. · In addition, the winning books of the international awards for Narrative “Ignacio Manuel Altamirano” and Poetry “Gilberto Owen Estrada” of the Mexiquense Autonomous … Read more

Daylight: Peter Merts: Ex Crucible – The Eye of Photography Magazine

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

“In this moment of great social toll, when more and more people recognize the profound impacts of structural racism, economic injustice and mass incarceration, Merts’ work is both a spotlight and a lightning rod. Her enlightened focus and dedication to making deeply personal and gracefully compassionate images of a creative practice most people will never … Read more

A Cuban scientist at the Charles de Gaulle | bohemian magazine

A Cuban scientist at the Charles de Gaulle bohemian

Poster of Dr. María Guadalupe Guzmán Shot at the Paris International Airport. Photo. / The simple fact of belonging to the female sex was once a barrier, often insurmountable, to access laboratories and dedicate oneself to science. Time has passed, the contexts have changed and the discourses and perceptions on the subject, too. The … Read more

David Turnley: Photographing the Soul of Humanity – The Eye of Photography Magazine

David Turnley presents at the Town Hall of the 3rd in Paris the exhibition Photographing the Soul of Humanity. He sent us the following text: Growing up in the industrial Midwest of the United States in the 1960s, with a father who was a great athlete and a mother who was an incredible pianist, my … Read more

The Questionnaire: Jeff Widener by Carole Schmitz – The Eye of Photography Magazine

Jeff Widener: At the heart of the news Best known for his photo taken of the man in front of the tank during Beijing’s Tian’anmen uprising in 1989, “Tank Man”, –an image that made the front pages of many newspapers and magazines at the time and made him one of the finalists nameés for the … Read more