The impressive remodeling of the La Rábida Institute will culminate in March

This is how the red carpet of the MTV Video

2023 will undoubtedly be a remembered year for the province of Huelva in terms of education. The people of Huelva will see the La Rabida Institute in its maximum splendor after the comprehensive reform and modernization process that began in 2020. After two and a half years of hard work, the Board assures that the … Read more

Chris Rock’s Live Stand-Up Special Sets March Release Date – GameSpot

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

Chris Rock getting ready to do Netflix history with his next live stand-up show, Chris Rock: Selective Outrage. The special will cement the legendary comedian as the first-ever performer to be broadcast live across the world on the streaming platform. Rock, who is an icon in the comedy world and beyond, is set to take … Read more

Into the Spider-verse Live Concert Set For March – GameSpot

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will head to the Kings Theater for a live concert in March. The screening of Sony’s Oscar-winning animated film will be accompanied by an orchestra, band and turntables playing music from the score and soundtrack. Released in 2018, the film is the first-ever animated feature in the Spider-Man franchise. It has … Read more

On March 30 it will be known if Cádiz is the venue for the X Congress of the Language

This is how the red carpet of the MTV Video

The city of Arequipa (Peru) has submitted the IX International Congress of the Spanish Language (CILE), which the Peruvian city will celebrate from March 27 to 30, 2023, under the motto ‘Spanish language, miscegenation and interculturality. History and future’. The Arequipa Congress will bring together more than 250 international speakers and speakers, recognized names from … Read more

March in Paris against expensive life: the Nobel Prize for Literature with Mélenchon

The battle for the metaverse gaming brands and crypto communities

First modification: 10/16/2022 – 21:13 The image is as unusual as it is powerful: the recent winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Annie Ernaud, and the leader of the left-wing France Insumisa formation, Jean Luc Mélenchon, leading side by side the demonstration “against expensive life and climate inaction ” which took place this Sunday, … Read more

Oscars 2022: here are all the nominees and favorites for the 94th ceremony which will take place on March 27

Oscars 2022 here are all the nominees and favorites for

The 2021 Oscars ceremony was like no other. Organized in April, in the midst of a pandemic, the celebration of the Seventh Art had provoked a lot of reactions and emotions, with, in particular, Chloé Zhao, who became the first non-white filmmaker to win the prize for best director and Anthony Hopkins celebrated Oscar for … Read more

Javier Milei: “If I take the latest March data, and annualize it, it gives an inflation of 117%”

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The national deputy Javier Milei The Government informed, yesterday, that the inflation of March was of 6% and several consultants already warn for the month of April a similar number. Critic of economic management, the deputy of La Libertad Avanza Javier Milei stated that if this last data is taken, and annualized, the rise in … Read more