Status quo at the top of the Western conference where the Denver and Memphis respond to each other from a distance

Status quo at the top of the Western conference where

Both at home, the Memphis Grizzlies (135-129 against San Antonio) and the Denver Nuggets (126-97 against Phoenix) won and still share the same record at the top of the Western Conference. Memphis, the roller coaster, Morant the thirty-eight The Grizzlies did not have the most difficult opposition to manage on the night of Wednesday to … Read more

Ja Morant (Memphis) is a hit, Boston confirms, Brooklyn takes off

Author of 49 points during the victory of Memphis in Houston (129-122), Ja Morant marked the spirits. The Celtics of a very solid Tatum-Brown duo (57 points) won in Miami (111-104) and confirmed, like New Orleans in Charlotte (124-112). First success for Brooklyn. Boston’s rear-wheel drive is revved up. With 29 and 28 points respectively, … Read more

Memphis Grizzlies salaries – 2022-23 NBA season

Memphis Grizzlies salaries 2022 23 NBA season

A good season in the NBA doesn’t just happen on the field. This also happens on the financial side! Bank management is fundamental to any NBA team, so it’s time to take a look at Memphis Grizzlies salaries for the 2022-23 season. # To understand everything about NBA salaries: THE 2022-23 SALARIES OF THE MEMPHIS … Read more

“Soul Kids”: the committed legacy of the soul label Staxtransmitted to the underprivileged youth of Memphis

1637738823 Soul Kids the committed legacy of the soul label

Two students of the Stax Music Academy in the documentary “Soul Kids”, by Hugo Sobelman. GOGOGO FILMS / SRAB FILMS / BNP PARIBAS PICTURES THE OPINION OF THE “WORLD” – NOT TO BE MISSED In Memphis, one of the most disaster-stricken cities in the United States, an out-of-school music school welcomes teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds … Read more