The Government met with the Mapuche communities but not with the residents of Villa Mascardi

1673569952 The Government met with the Mapuche communities but not with

March in solidarity with the Mapuche people and to demand the release of the women detained during the eviction in Villa Mascardi. 10-12-22 – Credits: @LA NACION/Marcelo Martinez The national government met this afternoon at exESMA with representatives of eight Mapuche communities from Río Negro, Chubut and Neuquén to assess the situation of the conflict … Read more

The Met Opera on Virginia Woolf’s time for The Hours – News – Ôlyrix

The Met Opera on Virginia Woolfs time for The Hours

The Metropolitan Opera of New York offers the lyrical creation “The Hours”, composed by Kevin Puts on a libretto by Greg Pierce, adapted from the novel by Michael Cunningham and the associated film, in an ambitious production, at the crossroads of aesthetics and the arts: the journey, between opera and musical comedy, of Virginia Woolf … Read more

The day I met the Nobel for gastritis –

Why the Famine Bill is a Good Deal Joseph

This is a space for free and independent expression that exclusively reflects the authors’ points of view and does not compromise the thinking or opinion of Las2orillas. Early this morning, when opening the mobile chat, I found a question whose origin I never questioned because I knew that the only one who could have gone … Read more

Gospel according to Kendrick Lamar: when the genius of Compton met Vanity Fair

Kendrick Lamar knows blues, jazz and soul; he mixes them in his music, that’s what makes it so amazing. His work is not only brilliant; it’s magic. —TONI MORRISON Carrying the weight of a generation on one’s shoulders requires guts, courage and talent. Culturally, Kendrick Lamar is a compass — or rather a GPS — … Read more

The stars have redoubled their originality to shine at the Met Gala

Top Chef and Kristofer from NOPLP are in the

The Met Gala 2022 lived up to its reputation. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on Monday evening paraded hundreds of international stars, in extravagant outfits, for an annual philanthropic evening after two editions upset by the pandemic. The event resulted in a flood of images of stars responding to this year’s dress … Read more

Un nouveau timbre met en vedette Margaret Atwood, auteure de renomme internationale

1637867117 Un nouveau timbre met en vedette Margaret Atwood auteure de

Class dans : TransportSujet : Nouveaux produits et services Auteure prolifique et rcipiendaire de plusieurs prix, elle est l’une des plus grandes figures littraires au Canada TORONTO, le 25 nov. 2021 /CNW/ -Aujourd’hui, PostesCanada a dvoil un nouveau timbre commmoratif en l’honneur de la lgendaire auteure MargaretAtwood et de ses soixante annes de carrire. Avec … Read more

6 Outstanding Fictional Scientists We Met Through Television

1637547607 6 Outstanding Fictional Scientists We Met Through Television

By Paula Garcia November 21, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. Today November 21, which is International Television Day, we can remember the scientists who worked for this means of communication to exist, but we can also dedicate it to thinking about some scientists that television gave us. [ La historia tecnológica de la televisión ] That’s right, in … Read more