Defenders of migrants call for new international treaties

Defenders of migrants call for new international treaties

The world needs another diplomat like the Mexican Alfonso García Robles, winner of the 1982 Nobel Peace Prize, to generate new international treaties that bring peace and justice for migrants, since they are in a state of great vulnerability due to the systematic violation of their human rights from the place where they leave, to … Read more

UNAM recognizes defenders of migrants

UNAM recognizes defenders of migrants • Rector Enrique Graue presented a medal and diploma to the winners of the 2022 Alfonso García Robles Recognition • The UNAM distinguishes its bravery, courage and effort in defending the individual guarantees of a vulnerable sector of the world population, expressed Leonardo Lomelí Vanegas • “We need another Alfonso … Read more

Richard H. Thaler, Nobel Prize in Economics: “Either people are encouraged to have children or we let migrants come”

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

It is frivolous to reduce the fate and lives of thousands of people to a mere factor of production, but perhaps it is also the most effective approach to combat racism. Richard H. Thaler, Nobel Prize in Economics in 2017, takes an X-ray of the West and identifies a problem, but also the solution: “Either … Read more

LBO, migrants, Soudan et hypermarchés : nos quatre coups de cœur

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

Après Debout les femmes !, Gilles Perret passe du documentaire à la fiction pour relater, dans Reprise en main, l’aventure d’un groupe de salariés qui reprend une usine de décolletage afin d’échapper à un LBO. RMN, de Cristian Mungiu, met en scène l’intégration de trois ouvriers sri-lankais dans un village en Roumanie. Le documentaire de Camille … Read more

Migrants killed in Chiapas, Human Rights, Nobel Peace Prize … Friday’s news

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The UN agencies for refugees and migrants have lamented the accident that occurred in Chiapas in which 55 migrants lost their lives and more than a hundred were injured. More than 150 people, apparently migrants from Central America, were crowded together in the trailer of the truck that overturned in the state of Chiapas. “Migratory … Read more

Nobel Peace Prize, migrants in Darien, attacking Afghanistan … Friday’s news

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The General secretary congratulated the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, which for the first time recognized two journalists for their defense of press freedom. The winners are the filipina Maria Ressa and the Russian Dmitry Muratov. The Nobel committee has stressed that “they are representatives of all journalists who defend this ideal in a … Read more

[Reportage] A Quebec film on Latin American migrants in the race for the Oscars | RCI

1635368005 Reportage A Quebec film on Latin American migrants in the

For Jorge Antonio Guerrero and Marco Ledezma, it is the thirst for adventure and the passion to pursue dreams of the characters they play that convinced them to take part in this great production. Drunken birds, directed by Ivan Grbovic and co-written with Sara Mishara, was selected by a pan-Canadian committee chaired and directed by … Read more

Writing Paths – A Journey into the World of Migrants and Exiles, with Nobel Prize for Literature Abdulrazak Gurnah

Writing Paths A Journey into the World of Migrants

East Africa was in the spotlight this year in Sweden, with the Swedish Academy awarding the 2021 Nobel Prize to British novelist Abdulrazak Gurnah, of Tanzanian descent. Little known to the French-speaking general public, the Anglo-Tanzanian is the second African writer from sub-Saharan Africa to win this prestigious award, after the Nigerian Wole Soyinka, distinguished … Read more