Luis Miguel Castilla: “Kurt Burneo’s challenge is going to be to restore the lost trust of a fairly weak government in the private sector”

Luis Miguel Castilla Kurt Burneos challenge is going to be

Former Minister of Economy and Finance, Luis Miguel Castilla Rubio. Before the arrival of Kurt Burneo to the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) replacing Oscar Graham, the former Minister of Economy and executive director of Videnza Consultores, Luis Miguel Castilla Rubiotalked with Infobae to give us his impressions on the challenges that lie ahead … Read more

Miguel Etchecolatz dies, the repressor responsible for La Noche de los Lápices in Argentina

Miguel Etchecolatz dies the repressor responsible for La Noche de

Miguel Etchecolatz leaves the courtroom after being sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping, murder and torture at La Cacha detention center, on October 24, 2014.REUTERS Her last name is so scary in Argentina that her daughter Mariana had to change her name in order to lead a normal life. Miguel Etchecolatz, one of the … Read more

Miguel G. Morales: “The artist must touch society with his work”

He arrived in Manrique from Saramago. At that time, Miguel G. Morales was a young director from Televisión Canaria, who arrived in Lanzarote with Juan Cruz and a mobile unit to broadcast an interview with the Nobel Prize winner for literature: “He asked him about Manrique; they never met (they did meet on the phone, … Read more

Luis Miguel. The 10 most listened to songs of “El Sol” in the world

1650392453 Luis Miguel The 10 most listened to songs of El

This April 19, Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri turns 52 with a career spanning more than 4 decades and countless musical successes, being “1 + 1 = 2 lovers” one of the first in his professional career, released in 1982. With almost 30 albums on sale, 6 Grammy Awards, 6 Latin Grammys, 14 Billboard Latin Music … Read more

Sergio Miguel Tomé: el universo es un sistema computacional

Sergio Miguel Tome el universo es un sistema computacional

Una nueva teoría afirma que un sistema computacional oculto bajo las leyes naturales rige el funcionamiento del universo. El nuevo paradigma, además de afectar a la física porque modifica el concepto de fenómeno físico, también tiene implicaciones para las matemáticas y las ciencias cognitivas. Para desarrollarlo se necesita una investigación de físicos e informáticos. Tres … Read more

Miguel Molina Díaz: The secret forms of time | Columnists | Opinion

Miguel Molina Diaz The secret forms of time Columnists

January 23, 2022 – 00h01 It is an attribute of literature, from its origins, to dig into the swampy territories of power. Diego Araujo Sánchez lucidly takes up the tradition of the books that narrate the political cataclysms of history with The secret ways of time (Rayuela Editores, 2021), his second novel. He has written … Read more

CULTURA / LUIS MIGUEL cumple 40 años de carrera

1641815647 CULTURA LUIS MIGUEL cumple 40 anos de carrera

Luis Miguel Fans España, la plataforma en exclusiva para fans de Luis Miguel en España, informa de una efeméride muy destacada de su ídolo. El 21 de este mes se celebran los 40 años de carrera artística de Luis Miguel, el más importante y exitoso artista de lengua hispana, haciendo suyos muchos estilos musicales incluyendo … Read more

This is the house of Vicente Aleixandre where he received García Lorca or Miguel Hernández and which is auctioned

This is the house of Vicente Aleixandre where he received

The home of Vicente Aleixandre It was a meeting place for poets and writers of the time, but it was also much more, because within these four walls, the Nobel Prize for Literature (awarded in 1977) devised most of his work, and there he received the first copies of ‘ Ámbito ‘, which marked his … Read more

“The Fall of Lima”, the new comic by Miguel Det: “Probably, the capital has always been screwed up” | INTERVIEW

1639859661 The Fall of Lima the new comic by Miguel Det

According to the criteria of Know more In his role as a chronicler of modern urban life, the Frenchman Honoré Daumier captured the effects of the industrialization of Paris in the mid-19th century. Images of train travel are frequent in his work. In the painting that illustrates our cover, “The third-class wagon” (1862), the artist … Read more

Miguel Bonnefoy, fabulous Booksellers Prize 2021

Miguel Bonnefoy fabulous Booksellers Prize 2021

The novelist receives the prestigious award for Heritage, the story of a family saga, published during the last literary season, appearing on the list of most of the grand prix. There were beautiful people on the last list of the 2021 Bookstore Prize. Heritage by Miguel Bonnefoy (Rivages), Liv Maria by Julia Kerninon (The Iconoclast), … Read more