Iceta’s mistake about Aleixandre: “That one of the four Nobel Prize winners in literature be recognized…”

ABC Madrid Updated:06/22/2022 18:37h Save RELATED NEWS Spanish literature has received five Nobel Prizes for Literature (six, if one includes Mario Vargas Llosawho shares Peruvian nationality with Spanish): Jose Echegaray (1904), Hyacinth Benavente (1922), Juan Ramon Jimenez (1956), Vicente Aleixandre (1977) and Camilo Jose Cela (1989). Someone must have escaped the Minister of Culture, miquel … Read more

Jaime Abello, the man whom García Márquez authorized in writing to use his name and warned him: “But never make a mistake”

Jaime Abello, at the Buenos Aires Book Fair. The president of the Gabo Foundation wears a yellow shirt. Is it an anecdotal fact and of a minor journalistic value? Can be. But let’s see the context. As is known, not all speeches, not even a minority of speeches, are memorable. Speeches abound: from the familiar … Read more

BBC News admits mistake after tapping on Epstein’s boyfriend Alan Dershowitz to analyze Ghislaine Maxwell’s verdict

When Fox News shows more journalistic qualms than the BBC, you know we’re in trouble. Renowned constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz, who believes the Constitution gives Donald Trump the power to do whatever he wants as long as he is serious about stealing the election, appeared on BBC News on Wednesday after Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted … Read more

J Balvin admits his mistake about the Latin Grammy and talks about René Pérez

The urban exponent J Balvin confessed that he was wrong when he called for the boycott of the past Latin Grammys, a controversy that caused him a media dispute with the Puerto Rican René Pérez. The statements of the Colombian reggaeton were made in an interview with the digital content creator Elkin de la Hoz … Read more